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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enforcement and Disciplinary Actions​​

The following is an alphabetical listing of disciplinary, enforcement or corrective measures taken by the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations. Each entry includes the name of the respondent; the date of the order and the type of order.

Click on name of Organization/Respondent to view the order. (Cease and desist orders issued prior to January 1, 2011, are not available for viewing.)

Respondents may be charitable organizations, professional solicitors, professional fundraising counsel or officers, director or employees of these organizations. Every effort has been made to ensure that the following information is accurate. However, it should be noted that the names of persons or organizations listed may be similar to the names of persons or organizations that have not had disciplinary or corrective measures taken against them.  Official confirmation of the current status of a charitable organization, professional solicitor and professional fundraising counsel can obtained using the Charities OnLine Database or by contacting the Bureau of Charitable Organizations.

Types of disciplinary actions issued by the Secretary of the Commonwealth include: cease and desist orders, consent agreements and adjudications.

Cease and desist order – usually issued because an organization has solicited contributions in Pennsylvania without being properly registered with the Bureau of Charitable Organizations. These organizations cannot legally solicit contributions in Pennsylvania until they register with the Bureau or provide the Bureau with evidence that they are excluded or exempt from the law.

Consent agreement – entered into between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and charitable organizations, solicitors and fundraising counsel. A consent agreement is a legally enforceable agreement signed by both parties settling a matter in which a charitable organization, solicitor or fundraising counsel admitted to violating one or more provisions of the Pennsylvania Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act, 10 P. S. § 162.1 et seq ., and agreed to pay an appropriate administrative fine.  A consent agreement does not necessarily prohibit a charitable organization from soliciting contributions in Pennsylvania.

Adjudication – a decision and order, issued after a formal administrative hearing has been held, finding that a charitable organization, solicitor or fundraising counsel has violated one or more provisions of the Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act.
Respondent Date Type of Order
​12 Steps Ahead Holistic Recovery Center, a/k/a House of Adonia, The (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
1Hood Media Academy, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​270 Strategies, Inc. (PDF)​7/11/2018​Consent Agreement
​4 All Seasons Association (PDF)​9/14/2017​Cease and Desist
​4 All Seasons Thrift Shop (PDF)​9/14/2017​Cease and Desist
9-11 Fallen Heroes Foundation6/20/2005Cease and Desist
A&E Clothing Corporation (PDF)10/21/2016​Consent Agreement
A.B. Data, Ltd.5/31/2002Consent Agreement
Abington Youth Theatre, Clarks Summit, PA 18411 (PDF)8/22/2012Cease and Desist
A Brighter Future1/27/2004Cease and Desist
A Home of My Own Non-Profit Organization, Alletown, PA 181046/13/2011Cease and Desist
Abraham Lincoln Foundation of the Union League of Philadelphia (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Abraham Lincoln Foundation for Public Policy Research12/14/2001Consent Agreement
Acenda, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
ACFE Foudnation - Ritchie Jennings Memorial Scholarship Foundation (PDF)​12/7/2017​Consent Agreement
11/14/2007Cease and Desist
ACTEVA, San Francisco, CA 9410511/9/2007Cease and Desist
Action Donation Services (PDF)10/1/2012Consent Agreement
Action Donation Services (PDF)​3/23/2017​Adjudication
Action on Smoking and Health (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Active Duty Support Services (PDF)​12/20/2017​Cease and Desist
Active Duty Support Services (PDF)​7/19/2018​Adjudication
Active Engagement LLC​ (PDF)​4/2/2015Consent Agreement​
Advanced Business Concepts, Rock Hill, SC 29732 (PDF)01/28/2013Cease and Desist
Ad-Vantage Publishing Inc/State Police Enforcers Journal2/25/1997Cease and Desist
Advantage Fund-Raising Consulting, Inc. (PDF)4/26/2012Adjudication
AF Dobler Hose & Ladder Company10/2/2006Consent Agreement
Affinity Connection, Inc.​ (PDF)​11/19/2015​Consent Agreement
​Affinity Connection, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
African Genesis Corrective History Educational Program9/1/2010Consent Agreement
​After School All Stars (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Agency for Jewish Learning (PDF)5/22/2012Consent Agreement
​Air Force Museum Foundation, Inc., The (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Alaska Wilderness Action10/10/2006Consent Agreement
Alaska Wilderness League8/21/2006Consent Agreement
Alexis Consulting, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Alive2Day and Corey McCabe​5/01/2019​Cease and Desist
All 4 Paws Rescue (PDF)​3/17/2015​Consent Agreement
All But Furgotten, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Alliance for Global Justice12/23/1999Cease and Desist
Alliance for Health, Education and Development, Alexandria, VA 223108/17/2011Cease and Desist
Allied Fundraising LLC (PDF)5/23/2013Consent Agreement
Alpha and Omega Community Center (PDF)10/30/2023Consent Agreement
​Alsace Manor Fire Company (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Amalgamated Order of the Real Bearded Santas, Croydon, PA7/8/2008Cease and Desist
American Arbitration Association/International Centre for Dispute Resolution
​Consent Agreement
America's Lost Children Television Network11/7/1996Cease and Desist
American Bankruptcy Institute (PDF)​9/6/2017​Consent Agreement
American Blind Products4/2/2003Cease and Desist
American Breast Cancer Foundation4/11/2000Consent Agreement
American Cancer Society of Pennsylvania, Inc. (PDF)​7/27/2018​Cease and Desist
American Children's Safety Source ("American Children")10/9/2007Consent Agreement
American Children's Society3/9/2010Consent Agreement
American Christian Cause9/16/1998Cease and Desist
American Conservative Union
9/19/2003Consent Agreement
American Conservative Union
8/1/2006Consent Agreement (2nd Agreement)
American Deputy Sheriffs Association5/16/1999Cease and Desist
​American Federation for Children Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​American Friends Of Kohelet Policy Forum (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
American Ex-Prisoners of War Service Foundation09/25/2005Consent Agreement
American Fulfillment Center2/26/1999Cease and Desist
American Hose Company, Mount Carmel, PA 178511/28/2010Cease and Desist
American Institute for Social Justice, New Orleans, LA 701185/26/2010Cease and Desist*
American Institute for Social Justice, Inc.5/26/2010Consent Agreement
Americans for Prosperity9/23/2009Consent Agreement
American Foundation for Children with AIDS, Inc.7/29/2010Consent Agreement
American Legion Auxiliary1/9/2004Consent Agreement
American Legion Post 132 (PDF)​7/20/2016​Consent Agreement
Americans for Peace Now, Inc. (PDF)​12/1/2016​Consent Agreement
​American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Foundation, Inc., a/k/a ASMBS Foundation, a/k/a Walk for Obesity (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
American Symphony Orchestra League
​Consent Agreement
American Trade and Convention Publications, Inc.9/26/2005Consent Agreement
American Veterans Relief Fund8/12/1998Cease and Desist
American War Veterans6/26/1998Cease and Desist
Americans for Tax Reform9/27/2002Consent Agreement
Americans for Truth /LR2/4/1999Cease and Desist
Americans In Action2/15/1996Cease and Desist
Anew Community Institute (PDF)​4/25/2017​Cease and Desist
Angel Food Ministries3/12/2009Cease and Desist
Angeletti Group, LLC, The, (PDF)​3/14/2018​Cease and Desist
​Angels of Hope (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
​Angels of Hope, A Family Cancer Foundation (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Angels of Hope, A Family Foundation (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Angels of Hope in Memeory of Michelle L. Myers (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Animal Care Association, Inc., a/k/a Animal Care Associates1/4/2005Cease and Desist
​Animal Orphans Animal Rescue & Pet Sanctuary, Inc., and Harr, Christie Dee (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Animal Place, Vacaville, CA 9568812/13/2010Cease and Desist
Animal Recovery Center (PDF)
Animal Recovery Center - ARC of Hope10/16/2001Cease and Desist
Animals Asia2/13/2006Cease and Desist
Animals Can't Talk Rescue and Adoption, Inc. (PDF)​1/10/2018​Consent Agreement
Animals In Crisis, Inc.10/25/2006Consent Agreement
Another Chance 4 Horses, Bernville, PA 19506 (PDF)8/26/2013Cease and Desist
​Another Chance 4 Horses; Sheidy, Christy and Rick (PDF)​1/6/2015​Adjudication
ASMBS Foundation, a/k/a American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Foundation, Inc., a/k/a Walk for Obesity (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Aspers Ambulance Club/Volunteer Ambulance/EMS, Aspers, PA 173048/26/2010Cease and Desist
Association for Firefighters and Paramedics, Inc., Santa Ana, CA11/15/2007Cease and Desist
Association for Firefighters and Paramedics, Inc.5/17/2005Consent Agreement
Association for Police and Sherrifs, Inc.3/5/2003Cease and Desist
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now11/14/2007Cease and Desist
Autism New Jersey, Inc.11/29/2011Consent Agreement
​Autism Open (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Avondale Fire Company (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
BBS & Associates, Inc.8/25/2010Consent Agreement
​Consent Agreement
Balafon West African Dance Ensemble, Inc. (PDF)​9/20/2017​Consent Agreement
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Barlow Volunteer Fire Company (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Barton-Cotton10/30/2001Consent Agreement
Base Connect, Inc., F/K/A BMW Direct, Inc., Washington, DC 200054/30/2010Cease and Desist
Bass Pro Shops & Cabela's Outdoor Fund (PDF)12/11/2023Consent Agreement and Order
Battle of Normandy Foundation2/15/1996Cease and Desist
Bebashi Transition to Hope (PDF)​9/26/2018​Consent Agreement
Bellwood Beagle Club (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Berks Community Health Center
​Consent Agreement
Berks County Outsiderz (PDF)​12/1/2017​Cease and Desist
Beslan Christmas Foundation1/14/2005Cease and Desist
Bethanna (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Bethany House Academy (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​BFW Group, LLC (PDF)​5/4/2018​Cease and Desist
Biesenthal, Rochelle (PDF)​4/2/2015​Consent Agreement
Big 33 Scholarship Foundation, Inc.6/2/1998Consent Agreement
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Morris, Bergen, Passaic & Sussex Counties (PDF)10/3/2013Consent Agreement
Big Zeke's Powerkids and Powerkids, Mills, PA 16937 (PDF)12/18/2013Cease and Desist

​Bikers and Belly Dancers Ride Against Cancer, Cancer Awareness Festival, Patricia Giovannini (Kute) and Steve Kolva, Harrisburg, PA 17112 (PDF)

​11/4/2014​Cease and Desist
Birdsboro Community Center
​Consent Agreement
Birkholm Direct (PDF)9/5/2012Adjudication
Black Christian Nationalist12/07/2000Cease and Desist
Black United Fund of Pennsylvania, Inc.10/25/1999Consent Agreement
Blair County Animal Educational Center
10/02/2023Cease and Desist
Blue State Digital, Washington, DC 200056/14/2010Cease and Desist
Bodley, Pennie Lynn (PDF)7/15/2014Consent Agreement
​Bolesta, Holly J. (PDF)​4/2/2015Consent Agreement​
Bolivar Volunteer Fire Department5/1/2008Consent Agreement
Bonderenko Direct, Inc.8/24/2004Consent Agreement
Bosler Humane Society12/13/2006Cease and Desist
Boston Ronald McDonald House (PDF)​3/27/2017​Cease and Desist
​Bouldin, Joanna (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Bower, Dawn M. (PDF)7/13/2011Consent Agreement
Boys Town Jerusalem Foundation of America, Inc.10/31/2003Consent Agreement
Boyers Pond - Shekinah Fellowship - Angels of East Africa (PDF)10/14/2015​​Consent Agreement
Bradford County Humane Society (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Breast Cancer Health Council, d/b/a Community Health Council (PDF)
​Consent Agreement / Cease and Desist
Breast Cancer Prevention Fund, Seattle, WA 98109 (PDF)1/28/13Cease and Desist
​Brecht Forum (PDF)​8/14/2014

​Adjudication, Cease and Desist

Brenneman, Randy, d/b/a R&B Associates4/11/2002Adjudication **
Brentwood Volunteer Fire Company12/29/1999Adjudication
Breslau Hose Company No. 5 (PDF)2/23/2012Consent Agreement
Bresnahan, William, a/k/a Bresnahan, William Michael (PDF)
Brick Mill Studios (PDF)2/1/2012Consent Agreement
Brickman Education Fund, The a/k/a Kim's Krusaders7/10/2009Consent Agreement
Bridge to Recovery Foundation (PDF)​7/27/2018​Consent Agreement
​Bristol Riverside Theatre Company, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Brotherhood of Christianity and Troy Leitner, Scranton, PA 18504 (PDF)10/12/2012Cease and Desist
Bucks County Ballet Theatre6/7/1999Cease and Desist
Buckner International
​Consent Agreement
​Building Homes for Heroes, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Burn 24/7, Inc. (PDF)​9/6/2017​Consent Agreement
​Burn 24/7, Inc. (PDF)​3/23/2017​Cease and Desist
​Burrell, Tyrone a/k/a Burrell, Tyrone "T-Bird," and Pittsburgh Outreach Program and Spiritual Devotional Outreach Recovery Program (PDF)
​Cese and Desist
Burrell, Tyrone a/k/a Burrell, Tyrone "T-Bird," and Pittsburgh Outreach Program and Spiritual Devotional Outreach Recovery Program (PDF)
​Final Adjudication and Order
Business and Professional Women's Foundation (PDF)​5/19/2017​Cease and Desist
Butler Fair & Agricultural Association​ (PDF)​10/14/2015​Consent Agreement
Calendars Inc.9/19/1997Cease and Desist
​Challah for Hunger N/K/A, Nazun
​Consent Agreement
Call to Action (PDF)​2/28/2018​Consent Agreement
Campaign for United Nations Reform11/19/2003Cease and Desist
Campaign for Working Families5/7/2002Consent Agreement
Campaign for Working Families5/28/1998Cease and Desist
​Campana, Lynda L. (PDF)​3/24/2016​Cease and Desist​
Campbelltown Volunteer Fire Company (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Camp Fire National Headquarters (PDF)​3/31/2017​Consent Agreement
Cancer Federation, Inc.3/8/2011Consent Agreement
Canine Crusaders for Second Chances (PDF)​8/30/2018​Cease and Desist
Capital City Fur Con (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Capitolwatch2/27/2001Consent Agreement
Capitol Communications Corporation
12/7/2000Cease and Desist
C​aplin Family Charities Inc. (PDF)12/6/23Cease and Desist
Car Program, LLC (PDF)
​Caroling for Care, Inc. (PDF)​5/18/2018​Cease and Desist
Cars 4 Causes (PDF)
9/29/2011Final Adjudication
Caring About Sharing, Inc., Philadelphia, PA 1910412/2/2008Cease and Desist
Carl Bloom Associates, Inc. (PDF)3/19/2012Consent Agreement
​Caroline Estey King (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Cashtown Community Fire Department (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation
​Consent Agreement
Catholic Marketing Company LLC (PDF)​8/14/2015​Adjudication
Catholic Marketing Company, LLC (PDF)​8/29/2016​Amended Order
Catholic Marketing Company, LLC (PDF)​1/17/2017​Cease and Desist
Catholic Marketing, Camden, MO, 65020 (PDF)11/23/2011Cease and Desist
Catholic Marketing (PDF)7/12/2010Consent Agreement
Cell Phones for Soldiers, Inc (PDF).4/21/2010Consent Agreement
Center for Coalfield Justice
​Consent Agreement
Center Stage Attractions (PDF)4/2/2010Consent Agreement
Center for Environmental Citizenship
3/26/1999Cease and Desist
​Center for Environmental Health (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Center for Inquiry3/7/2012Cease and Desist
Center for Inquiry, Inc. (PDF)3/7/2012Consent Agreement
Center for Law and Education3/26/1999Cease and Desist
Center for Returning Citizens (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Center Stage Attractions, Inc. (PDF)3/8/2005Consent Agreement
​Central PA Relief Auction
​Consent Agreement
Central New York Ronald McDonald House, Inc. (PDF)
​1/30/2017​Consent Agreement
Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance (PDF)​7/27/2018​Consent Agreement
​Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts (PDF)
​Consent agreement
​Chambers Hill Fire Company (PDF)​1/10/2018​Consent Agreement
Champion Enterprises, Pittsburgh, PA 15235 (PDF)6/5/2014Cease and Desist
​Champion Publishing and Printing, Inc. (PDF)
Champions Association - Pittsburgh  (PDF)7/3/2002Consent Agreement
​Character Lab, Inc., The (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
ChariBin, Inc. (PDF)​12/1/2017Cease and Desist
​Charmoney Workshop, The, and/or Vintage Vixon, The, and/or Huffman, Sandra (PDF)

​Cease and Desist
Chesapeake Bay Trust, The, (PDF)
​12/28/2017​Consent Agreement
Chester Heights Camp Meeting Association, Chester Heights, PA 19017 (PDF)9/17/2013Cease and Desist
Chiefs Thunder and Len Boyce, Gibsonia, PA 15044 (PDF)9/25/2012Cease and Desist
Childhelp, Inc. (PDF)
7/29/2010Consent Agreement
Children's Aid International12/5/1996Cease and Desist
Children's Angelcare International, Inc.7/2/1999Cease and Desist
Children's Wish Foundation International, Inc. (PDF)
Consent Agreement
Children's World Organization1/27/2007Cease and Desist
Chimp Haven, Inc. (PDF)1/31/2006Consent Agreement
Chippewa Township Volunteer Fire Department (PDF)3/7/2012Consent Agreement
Choice Marketing, Inc. (PDF)6/23/2010Consent Agreement
Chordoma Foundation (PDF)9/29/2011Consent Agreement
Christian Child Care, Inc. (PDF)4/28/2005Consent Agreement
Christian Child Care1/24/1997Cease and Desist
Christian Fellowship Collection Services and Kevin Wonsuck6/14/2005Cease and Desist
Christmas Wishes, Scranton, PA 185047/22/2010Cease and Desist
Cillo, Nicholas, A., d/b/a Valley Entertainment (PDF)5/5/1999Adjudication
Citizen Fire Company No. 2 - Tyrone3/16/2004Cease and Desist
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms (PDF)12/10/2001Adjudication
Citizens for Research Education and Community Hope4/14/1997Cease and Desist
Citizen's for Saving Schuylkill River Park (PDF), Philadelphia, PA 1910312/5/2011Cease and Desist
Citizens Friends Relief Fund7/1/1998Cease and Desist
Citizens in Charge1/7/2003Cease and Desist
​City Rescue Mission, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
City Wide Youth Leadership Agency and William Mackey, 1021 Ridge Avenue, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 191233/18/2010Cease and Desist
Clarion Fund, The, New York, NY, 10018
11/19/2008Cease and Desist
​Club Pet Adoption (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
CMRK Inc. (PDF)​5/27/2015​Consent Agreement
CMRK, Inc. (PDF)11/29/2016​Consent Agreement
Coaldale Community Ambulance Association (PDF)12/20/2004Consent Agreement
Coalition of African American Cultural Organizations1/10/2001Cease and Desist
​Cocker, Christine, a/k/a Hastings, Christine Cocker (PDF)​7/27/2018​Consent Agreement
Colmar Volunteer Fire Company (PDF)9/25/2007Adjudication
Colonial Valley Enterprises, LLC and Herbert H. Sterner, Jr. (PDF)2/26/2007Consent Agreement
Columbia Land Conservancy (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Columbia Quick Response Service, Inc. (PDF)​9/6/2017​Consent Agreement
Communications Corporation of America, Boston, VA 2271312/7/2009Cease and Desist
Committee to Save Lady Liberty10/31/1997Cease and Desist
​Community Ambulance Association of Ambler (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Community Backstop, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Community Empowerment Organization (PDF)11/2/2011Consent Agreement
Community Empowerment Organization
10/17/1996Cease and Desist
Community Foundation of New Jersey (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Community Health Council, d/b/a Breast Cancer Health Council (PDF)
​Consent Agreement / Cease and Desist
Community Health & Wellness Outreach, Inc. (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Community Support, Inc. (PDF)7/12/2010Consent Agreement
Community Theatre Project Corporation, Kelly-Strayhorn Theatre (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Community Backstop, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Comnet Marketing Group (PDF)8/9/2010Consent Agreement
CompAnimals Pet Rescue, Inc. (PDF)​7/16/2016​Adjudication
Companion Animal Protection Society (PDF)9/20/2010Consent Agreement
Concerto Soloists Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Conneaut Lake Benevolent Association (PDF)7/31/2008Consent Agreement
Construction Junction, Inc. (PDF)5/10/20011Consent Agreement
Consumer Choice Products, Inc.11/25/1998Cease and Desist
Consumers Education and Protective Association International, Inc.6/13/2002Cease and Desist
CO-OP America Foundation, Inc. (PDF)8/30/2006Consent Agreement
​C.O.P.S. (PDF)​12/1/2017​Cease and Desist
​Coptic Orphans Support Association (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Coral Graceton Volunteer Fire Company4/6/2006Cease and Desist
Coremessagink (PDF)​6/26/2018​Cease and Desist
Corrie Ten Boom Fellowship Inc (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Council for a Strong America (PDF)​6/08/2017​Consent Agreement
Council for the National Interest Foundation, Washington, DC3/10/2008Cease and Desist
​Council on American-Islamic Relations-Philadelphia
​Consent Agreement
Council on American-Islamic Relations-Pennsylvania (PDF)9/19/2011Consent Agreement
Council on Competitiveness, Washington, DC 200056/28/2010Cease and Desist
Council on We Who Served Foundation, Inc. and Veterans for America First, Inc.
​Cease and Desist
​Covage, Nicole Olivia, t/d/b/a Fall in Ruv (PDF)
​Final Adjudication
Cover, Thelma J. (PDF)11/26/2007Consent Agreement
Craver Matthews Smith & Company, LLC, a/k/a Thrive Marketing Group, LLC (PDF)​11/21/2018​Consent Agreement
Crawford County Humane Society (PDF)12/20/2016​Consent Agreement
Crazy for a Cure and Rebecca Mongrain, Laureldale, PA8/22/2008Cease and Desist
Creativity for Peace (PDF)​8/16/2016​Cease and Desist
Crisis Pregnancy Center of the Lehigh Valley, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
CTL Associates, Inc. (PDF)3/8/2011 Consent Agreement
Cullison, Wayne S., individually and as principal office of Veterans Community Involvement (PDF)8/5/2004Adjudication **
CultureWorks, LTD (PDF)8/9/2010Consent Agreement
Cummings, Gary James Sr.​ (PDF)​7/23/2015​Adjudication, includes Cease and Desist
Dama Corporation3/14/2006Cease and Desist
D'Angelo Foundation (PDF)​10/14/2015​Consent Agreement
D'Angelo, Kayla N., a/k/a Engle, Kayla N. (PDF)​7/19/2018​Adjudication
Daniel Wayne McCormick (PDF)​9/7/2017​Consent Agreement​
​Darrin, Lesley M. (PDF)​1/29/2015​Consent Agreement
​DaVinci Direct (PDF)​9/7/2018​Consent Agreement
Daystar Center for Spiritual Recovery (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
DCM, Inc. (PDF)​10/1/2018​Consent Agreement
dDaniel Adverstising Agency (PDF)3/24/2010Consent Agreement
Deacon Street Promise, Scranton, PA 18509 (PDF)​1/13/2015​Cease and Desist
Declaration Foundation (The) (PDF)9/4/2001Consent Agreement
Declaration Foundation, The4/8/2003Cease and Desist
Declaration Foundation (The) (PDF)8/21/2006Consent Agreement
Deeper Life Ministry, Inc.10/28/2003Cease and Desist
Delaware County SPCA (PDF)3/24/2010Consent Agreement
​Delaware Nature Society, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
Delaware Valley Legacy Fund (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Delco Roadrunners Club, Media, PA 19063 (PDF)7/25/2014Cease and Desist
DELTA Rescue (PDF) Incorporated in California as: Dedication and Everlasting Love to Animals.6/7/2000Consent Agreement
DELTA Rescue (PDF) Incorporated in California as: Dedication and Everlasting Love to Animals.7/2/2008Adjudication
Dennis Lee Bumbaugh (PDF)​9/14/2017​Cease and Desist
Denny Civic Solutions (PDF)​10/5/2018​Consent Agreement
DeOrio Strategies Group (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Detailed Attention, Inc. (PDF)​7/27/2018​Consent Agreement
Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries (PDF)​2/20/2018​Consent Agreement
Diamond Club, West Pittston, PA 18643 (PDF)8/19/2014Cease and Desist
Diamond Fire Company, Walnutport, PA 180887/26/2010Cease and Desist
Diamond Fire Company, Walnutport, PA 18088 (PDF)8/6/2013Consent Agreement
​Diamond Fire Company of Walnutport (PDF)​9/6/2017​Consent Agreement
Dickson City Community Ambulance Association, Dickson, PA 5/9/2008Cease and Desist
​Dignity Project and Lauren Galvin, a/k/a, Lolly Galvin (PDF)
​Consent Agreement / Cease and Desist
Direct2Troops and USA2Troops; and MICHAEL MOVE, a/k/a STEVE GOVE a/k/a STEEVE GOVE and AMANDA MOVE a/k/a JES GOVE a/k/a CHRISTI GOVE , Sewickley, PA and Pittsburgh, PA
7/30/2009Cease and Desist
Disabled America Workers, Inc./Disabled Workers of America (PDF)1/31/2003Adjudication **
Disabled American Workers, Inc./Disabled Workers of America2/23/2001Cease and Desist
Disabled Veterans Alliance6/4/2003Cease and Desist
Disadvantaged Workers of America1/27/2004Cease and Desist
Dolce Suono Ensemble, Inc. (PDF)5/10/2011Consent Agreeement
Domarasky, Robert (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Donate Life America (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Donation Line, Inc. (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
Donna Muchniki (PDF)​5/4/2018Consent Agreement​
Donor Services Group, LLC (PDF)7/13/2011Consent Agreement
Donors Trust Inc.
​Consent Agreement
Doors Open Pittsburgh, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
Downtown Mechanicsburg Partnership (PDF)​6/20/2017​Cease and Desist
Doxie Rescue of Bucks County
​Consent Agreement
DMW Worldwide, LLC (PDF)9/19/2011Consent Agreement
DreamCatcher Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary (PDF)9/5/2012Consent Agreement
Dress for Sucess Worldwide
​Consent Agreement
Duncannon Fire Company No. 1, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Dunmore Little League ("DLL")and Dunmore Little League Women's Auxiliary ("DLLWA") (PDF)5/5/2004Consent Agreement
Dunlap, Louisa Fenton (PDF)8/6/2007Consent Agreement
Dwayne Woodruff Golf Classic (PDF)4/10/2001Consent Agreement
Dwayne Woodruff Golf Classic6/7/1999Cease and Desist
Dwyer, Joseph, d/b/a Northeast Marketing Concepts d/b/a Harvest Ministries (PDF)7/11/2002Adjudication **
DX Sabers, LLC and Paul Doghramji and The Sophie's Sabers Foundation (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Dyer and Associates8/13/1999Cease and Desist
D'Zert Club, Inc.10/15/2003Cease and Desist
E.A.T. (Entrepreneurs Against Tyranny) (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
​Eaglecom, Inc. (PDF)​5/16/2019​Consent Agreement
Earth Policy Institute (PDF)8/9/2010Consent Agreement
Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund (PDF)​9/14/2017​Cease and Desist
Eberle Associates, Inc. (PDF)6/8/2010Consent Agreement
Eddystone Fire Company EMS, Temple, PA 19522 (PDF)12/22/2011Cease and Desist
Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, Inc., The (PDF)6/4/2010Consent Agreement
Elite Promotional Group, Inc.5/14/2004Consent Agreement
​Emanuel Apostle Church, House of Mercy (PDF)​5/25/2018​Adjudication
Emanuel Apostle Church, House of Mercy (PDF)​12/1/2017​Cease and Desist
Emily Whitehead Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Emmitsburg Ambulance Company, Inc. (PDF)3/11/2011Consent Agreement
End Citizens United/Let America Vote Action Fund
​Consent Agreement
Engle, Christopher (PDF)​12/20/2017​Cease and Desist
Engle, Christopher L. (PDF)
Engle, Kayla N., a/k/a D'Angelo, Kayla N. (PDF)
Entrepreneur Alliance of America
​Cease and Desist
Equine Angels Rescue​ (PDF)​2/8/2016​Cease and Desist
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Equus Sanctuary (PDF)9/21/2000Adjudication **
Equus Sanctuary4/7/1999Cease and Desist
Erbe, Michael J. (PDF)12/20/2004Consent Agreement
Erie Hemophilia Foundation, Erie, PA 16508 (PDF)8/28/14Cease and Desist (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Ethel Rovito Cancer Foundation, The, Butler, PA5/2/2008Cease and Desist
Eudy Nelson & Associates7/2/1999Cease and Desist
Events International, Inc. (PDF)
​Stipulation and Consent Agreement
​Everlasting Life Ministries, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
​Evock, Michael (PDF)​2/9/2018​Cease and Desist
Executive Marketing Concepts, Inc., and Elite Promotional Group, Inc. (PDF)5/14/2004Consent Agreement
Exeter American Legion Baseball Association (PDF)2/27/2001Consent Agreement
Experimental Aircraft Association (PDF)8/7/2012Consent Agreement
Express Consolidation, Inc.6/8/2006Cease and Desist
​Ezer Mizion
​Consent Agreement
Fairview Fire Company #1, Coal Township, PA 1786612/3/2008Cease and Desist
​Fall In Ruv (PDF)​9/21/2017​Cease and Desist
Fall in Ruv, t/d/b/a Covage, Nicole Olivia (PDF)
​Final Adjudication
​Falls Soccer Club
​Consent Agreement
Families Matter Food Pantry Inc.


​Consent Agreement
​Family of the Dell East, Inc., a/k/a Family of the Dell East Advisory (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Fayette County Cultural Trust (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health2/26/1999Cease and Desist
Federico Associates (PDF)5/22/2012Consent Agreement
Fellows Club Volunteer Fire Department (PDF)6/8/2010Consent Agreement
Fete Lancaster, Inc. (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue, Pottsville, PA 17901 (PDF)5/7/2014Cease and Desist
FINCA International, Inc. (PDF)12/12/2003Consent Agreement
Firefighters Assistance Fund, Inc. (PDF)7/20/2006Consent Agreement
Firefighters Charitable Foundation (PDF)7/13/2011Consent Agreement
Fireman's Yearbook3/6/1998Cease and Desist
Firemen's Association of the State of Pennsylvania (PDF)7/12/2005Consent Agreement
First Amendment, Inc.2/26/1999Cease and Desist
​Flying Dove Ranch, Inc. (PDF)​8/11/2017​Consent Agreement
Focus Group, The (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Footsteps to the Future Foundation10/18/2004Cease and Desist
For the Kids International, Inc.7/10/2001Cease and Desist
Fortress America (PDF)11/7/2000Adjudication **
Fortress America8/19/1998Cease and Desist
Foundation for Disabled Firefighters10/4/1999Cease and Desist
Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (PDF)12/16/2010Consent Agreement
4.2.21 Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, Inc., Consent Agreement and Order.pdf
​Consent Agreement
​Four Paws Elkhound Rescue (PDF)
​Cease and Desist

Frank Szabo d/b/a Ellen West, Inc.2/23/2006Cease and Desist
Frederick A. Simone, M.D. Foundation, Inc., The (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
Frederic Douglass & Marcus Garvey Rbg Leadership Academy
​Cease and Desist
Free Geek Penn (PDF)4/3/2012Consent Agreement
Free the Eagle, Inc.12/15/1998Cease and Desist
Free the Fathers (PDF)4/18/2002Consent Agreement
Free the Fathers5/19/2000Cease and Desist
Freedom Alliance (PDF)10/3/2001Consent Agreement
​Friendship Fire Company 1 (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Friendship HLH&A, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
Friends of Ofanim, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Friends Thrift Shop, Murrysville Christian Concern d/b/a (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Froedtert Hospital Foundation, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
​Fryburg Sportman's Club (PDF)​12/30/2014​Consent Agreement
​Fundacion Teleton USA (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Fund for Charitable Giving, The (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Furever Doberman Rescue, Inc. (PDF)​5/18/2018​Cease and Desist
​Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue, Inc. and Sue Ann Kutzman a/k/a Suzi Kutzman (PDF)
Gage, Christopher (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Gage, Holly (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Gail Perry Associates (PDF)​12/1/2017​Cease and Desist
Galvin, Lauren, a/k/a Galvin, Lolly, and Dignity Project (PDF)
​Consent Agreement / Cease and Desist
Gathering Company, The (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
General Ambulance Corps, Inc.6/2/2003Cease and Desist
General Braddock Area Football Association, aka General Braddock Area Parents Association8/29/2006Cease and Desist
Gensure, Melissa D. (PDF)2/26/2009Consent Agreement
Gentle Barn, The, Santa Clarita, CA 91390 (PDF)8/10/2011Cease and Desist
Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue Society, Ltd. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Germantown Settlement Agency, Philadelphia, PA7/9/2010Cease and Desist
Germantown Settlement (PDF)3/18/2004Consent Agreement
Giguere, Lauren (PDF)
​2/21/2017​Consent Agreement​

​​Gilbert Productions, Inc. (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Giovannini, Patricia (PDF)12/05/2016​Consent Agreement

​Global Developers Network, Inc (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Global Events Marketing1/10/2001Cease and Desist
Global Operations & Development/Giving Children Hope (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Global Textile Recycling, LLC (PDF)​3/04/2016​Cease and Desist
Global Textile Recycling, LLC (PDF)10/19/2017​Adjudication
GOALS Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Godot Animal Sanctuary, a/k/a Godot Animal Foundation (PDF)​10/24/2018​Adjudication
God's 2nd Chances (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
God's Word to the Nations Mission Society, Orange Park, FL 32073 (PDF)9/30/2014Cease and Desist
Golf Across the USA Foundation1/10/2006Cease and Desist
Gorilla Foundation (The) (PDF)6/5/2001Consent Agreement
Gourley, Justin (PDF)​3/16/2017​Cease and Desist
Gourley, Shawn (PDF)
​3/16/2017​Cease and Desist
Grandview Volunteer Fire Department (PDF)4/7/2008Consent Agreement
Grandview Volunteer Fire Department4/2/2007Cease and Desist
Grant Thornton Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Granville Fire Company, PO Box 5, Granville, PA 170292/16/2010Cease and Desist
Grassroots Campaigns, Inc (PDF).9/1/2010Consent Agreement
Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Greater Pennsylvania Military Preservation Assocciation, L.L.C. and/or Thomas Gray
​Cease and Desist
Greek America Cultural Foundation, Chicago, IL 60607 (PDF)6/1/2011Cease and Desist
Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia (PDF)​12/26/2017​Consent Agreement
​Greener Pastures No Kill Shelter, Samantha Frey, Marion PA 17235 (PDF)​4/8/2015​Cease and Desist
Griswold & Griswold, Inc. (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
Grey 2K USA, Inc. (PDF)9/19/2011Consent Agreement
Guide Dogs of the Desert11/25/1998Cease and Desist
​H4H, a/k/a, Hearts for Homeless (PDF)​4/27/2018​Consent Agreement
​Haber, Maya (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Habitat for Humanity of Eagle and Lake Counties, Inc.3/22/2002Cease and Desist
Hale House Center, Inc. (PDF)10/27/2003Consent Agreement
​Hampton Township Emergency Medical Services (PDF)​3/23/2017​Cease and Desist
Handicapped Sales Workshop d/b/a HSW, Pompano Beach, FL.7/06/2007Cease and Desist
Hannah Street Consulting (PDF)​11/6/2018​Consent Agreement
Happily Ever After Rescue (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Happy Cat, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Harr, Christie Dee and Animal Orphans Animal Rescue & Pet Sanctuary, Inc. (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Harley's Haven Dog Rescue
​Consent Agreement
Haughton, Sandra (PDF)9/19/2011Consent Agreement
Healing Hands Busy Book a/k/a D.P.S. Activity Publishing, Ltd.2/13/2003Cease and Desist
Health Awareness Non-Profit Organization and its Director, Sheilia Massey5/3/2004Cease and Desist
Hearts 2 Heros d/b/a Active Duty Support Services (PDF)​7/19/2018​Adjudication
​Hearts for Homeless, a/k/a, H4H (PDF)​4/27/2018​Consent Agreement
Hebrew Free Loan Society (PDF)​9/7/2018​Consent Agreement
​Help An Angel Corporation (PDF)8/28/2015​Cease and Desist​
Help Find Sophie (PDF)​9/26/2018​Consent Agreement
Helping Elderly Low Income People (HELP)7/29/1999Cease and Desist
Helping Hands of Hope5/14/2004Cease and Desist
​Helping Hands, The (PDF)​6/29/2017​Cease and Desist
Help Me To Help Others Corporation (PDF)​8/28/2015​Cease and Desist
Hereford Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. (PDF)9​/6/2017​​Consent Agreement
Heritage Company, Inc. (The) (PDF)9/1/2010Consent Agreement
HeroBox, Tyrone, GA 30290 (PDF)7/25/2013Cease and Desist
Hero's Memorial Relaxation Retreat, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 (PDF)5/22/2014Cease and Desist
Hightower Lowdown, New York, NY 101146/18/2010Cease and Desist
Hillside SPCA (PDF)
10/18/2010Consent Agreement
​Hindu American Foundation, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
Historic Organ Restoration Committe, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
​Hoina Homes of Indian Nation
​Consent Agreement
Holmes Fire Company, Holmes, PA 190437/14/2008Cease and Desist
Home Help (PDF)​12/1/2017​Cease and Desist
Homeless Outreach of Crawford County, Meadville, PA 1633 (PDF)3/5/2012Cease and Desist
Homeless Outreach of Crawford County, Ltd. (PDF)​3/16/2017​Adjudication
Hoop Champs, Inc., Blairsville, PA 9/1/2009Cease and Desist
Hoop Champs Foundation, Blairsville, PA5/29/2008Cease and Desist
​Hooved Animal Humane Society (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
H.O.P.E. - Your Giving Hands (PDF)​8/30/2017​Cease and Desist
Hope and Help, Inc.12/20/2000Cease and Desist
Hope for Haiti (PDF)4/13/2010Consent Agreement
Hope Foundation / Hope Foundation Northeast, dba Leadership Academy for Mathematics and Science Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 (PDF)1/4/2013Cease and Desist
Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary (PDF)​7/11/2018​Consent Agreement
​Horizon Initiative
​Consent Agreement
​Horse Angels Rescue
​Cease and Desist
Horses for Hospice1/27/2005Cease and Desist
Hospice Care of Southeast Florida, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL 333166/18/2010Cease and Desist
Hound Haven of Lone Pine (PDF)​8/30/2018​Cease and Desist
​House of Adonia, The, a/k/a 12 Steps Ahead Holistic Recovery Center (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
House of the Crossroads, Pittsburgh, PA 152196/8/2010Cease and Desist
HP Direct Mail Marketing Services, LLP, f/k/a Wally Hines Photography (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
HSP Direct, LLP (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
HSP Direct, LLC (PDF)12/20/2006Consent Agreement
Huggins Printing, Harrisburg, PA 1711 (PDF)9/26/2012Cease and Desist
​Huffman, Sandra and/or Charmoney Workshop, The, and/or Vintage Vixon, The (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Human Rights Documentation Exchange3/26/1999Cease and Desist
Hunting 4 Hope, Donald Miller, and Ashley Hunting, Tunkhannok, PA 18657 (PDF)8/23/2012Cease and Desist
H.W.A.9/9/2004Cease and Desist
Humane Farming Action Fund (PDF)2/27/2012Consent Agreement
Humane Society of Harrisburg Area, Inc. (PDF)8/1/2011Consent Agreement
Humane Society of Mercer County, Inc. (PDF)​7/27/2018​Consent Agreement
Huston, Dwight, t/d/b/a Homeless Outreach of Crawford County, Ltd. (PDF)​3/16/2017​Adjudication
Hyman, Judith (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
​ID Solutions (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
iGive.com6/7/1999Cease and Desist
I Glo Workshop8/31/2004Cease and Desist
Ile Olodumare IFE IFA Oyotunji Embassy, Allentown, PA 18102 (PDF)2/25/2013Cease and Desist
Imission Institute, Inc.
​Cease and Desist
​Impact Artist Group and Gage, Christopher and Gage, Holly (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Impact Communications, Inc. (PDF)
6/8/2010Consent Agreement
Imperial Volunteer Fire Department (PDF)11/26/2007Consent Agreement
In Defense of Animals (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Indiana Lions Club, (PDF)5/10/2011Consent Agreement
Infocision Management Corporation (PDF)6/4/2010Consent Agreement
InfoGroup, Inc. (PDF)​5/18/2018​Cease and Desist
Inner City Development Project, Inc. and Tisha Harris1/26/2005Cease and Desist
Insight Tele-Services, Inc. (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
Institute for Cultural Partnerships, Harrisburg PA 17110 (PDF)11/8/2011Cease and Desist
Institute for Social Justice12/4/1998Cease and Desist
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (PDF)8/13/2004Consent Agreement
Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, The (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​ Inc.
​Cease and Desist
International Aid, Inc. (PDF)11/2/2010Consent Agreement
International Campaign for Tibet (PDF)10/30/2001Consent Agreement
International Christian Development Mission, Inc., Intercession City, FL 338486/1/2011Cease and Desist
International Foundation for Terror Act Victims5/4/2005Cease and Desist
International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement7/7/2003Cease and Desist
​​ Islamic Relief USA (PDF)11/28/2011Consent Agreement
Israel Children's Cancer Foundation, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Israel Special Kids Fund (PDF)7/13/2011Consent Agreement
Israel Summer Camp6/22/2001Cease and Desist
​Iszauk, Debbie d/b/a ID Solutions (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
J&T Management and Jay Katari, Boca Raton, FL 33498 (PDF)9/12/2013Cease and Desist
Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company (PDF)
Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Jake Gittlen Memorial Golf Tournament, and Warren Gittlen, individually, and as president of Jake Gittlen Memorial Golf Tournament (PDF)9/15/2006Consent Agreement
Jake Gittlen Memorial Golf Tournament, and Warren Gittlen, individually, and as president of Jake Gittlen Memorial Golf Tournament (PDF)1/8/2013Consent Agreement
James Potter4/6/1998Cease and Desist
James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness8/19/1999Cease and Desist
​Jastech Development Services, Inc.
​Cosent Agreement
Jay Katari and Charity Recycling Services, Boca Raton, FL 33498 (PDF)7/8/2013Cease and Desist
​Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners (PDF)​5/18/2018​Consent Agreement
Jerusalem Foundation, Inc. (The)   (PDF)9/3/2002Consent Agreement
​Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development
​Consent Agreement
​Jewish Adoptions and Family Care Options, Inc. (PDF)​5/18/2018​Consent Agreement
Jewish Children's Cancer Fund12/23/1999Cease and Desist
Jewish Heritage Programs (PDF)​2/15/2017​Consent Agreement
Jewish Labor Committee
​Consent Agreement
Jobs for the Disadvantaged, Inc.1/27/2004Cease and Desist
​John Beckner and Support Our Troops Foundation, Inc. (PDF)​8/28/2015​Cease and Desist
John Campbell (PDF)​10/14/2015​Consent Agreement
​John Franczyk Memorial Meat Shoot and/or Rodney Dupont (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
John R. Klepeis10/4/1999Cease and Desist
Johnstown Historical Foundation, Johnstown, PA 159016/29/2009Cease and Desist
Jones, Raymond A. (PDF)3/29/2005Consent Agreement
Joseph Dwyer d/b/a Northeast Marketing Concepts10/16/2001Cease and Desist
Joseph Morrison/Synergism/Raiser Sharp Consulting, Morgantown, PA 19343 (PDF)5/2/2012Cease and Desist
​Joslin Diabetes Center, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Judie R. Gilmore
​Consent Agreement
​Juntos (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Just Ask Business Associate and Resource Center9/4/2001Cease and Desist
Just Donated, Inc., Orange, CA 92868 (PDF)7/25/2013Cease and Desist
Justice Rescue, Inc.​ (PDF)​9/3/2015Consent Agreement​
Keleher, John (PDF)​5/15/2019​Cease and Desist
​Keleher, John (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Ken's Krew, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Kenneth Evanoski Associates a/k/a E&A (PDF)3/3/2010Consent Agreement
Kessock, David, Kessock, Angela and Spring Ford Girls Softball Association (PDF)8/10/2010Final Adjudication **
Kessock, David, Kessock, Angela and Spring Ford Girls Softball Association, Reading, PA 19606*8/10/2010Cease and Desist
Key Elements Group, LLC (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America, Inc (PDF).5/6/2006Consent Agreement
Keystone Rescue Missions Alliance, Inc. (PDF)7/13/2011Consent Agreement
Keystone Warriors, Keystone Warrior Foundation and Mid-Atlantic Veterans Resource Center
​Cease and Desist
Kidney & Urology Foundation of America (PDF)11/15/2012Cease and Desist
KIDS, Inc. A/K/A, Knowledgeable Interactive Developing Services
​Cease and Desist
Kim Cares for Pairs Dog Rescue, Sinking Spring, PA 19608 (PDF)12/2/2013Cease and Desist
Kindness Ranch - American Sanctuary for Research Animals, Hartville, WY7/7/2010Cease and Desist
Kindness Ranch - American Sanctuary for Research Animals, Hartville, WY7/7/2010Cease and Desist
​King's Men, The (PDF)​8/11/2017​Consent Agreement
Kiski Valley Veterans and Patriots Association(PDF)​8/9/2016​Consent Agreement
Klemovitch, Francis J. (PDF)6/10/2005Consent Agreement
Kleinfelter, Gladys (PDF)4/19/2010Consent Agreement
Klinger, Pamela (PDF)​8/30/2018​Cease and Desist
​Klinkner, Mandy Lee (PDF)4/29/2016​​Final Adjudication
​KLNterprises Consulting Service, a division of Now Playing Video, Inc. (PDF)​7/27/2018​Consent Agreement
Klymaxx Angel Fund (PDF)​3/23/2017​Cease and Desist
Koch, Edward (PDF)​7/22/2016​Consent Agreement
Koch, Kathryn (PDF)​7/22/2016​Consent Agreement
Kodi's Club, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library (PDF)9/13/2010Consent Agreement
​Krichten, Doris (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
​Krichten, Michael (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Kutzman, Sue Ann a/k/a Kutzman, Suzi and Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue, Inc. (PDF)
Kuzmin, Bill, a/k/a Veterans for Life, a/k/a Vets for Life, a/k/a Vets 4 Life, a/k/a Vets 4 Vets, a/k/a Vets for Vets, Erie, PA 165086/3/2010Cease and Desist
Kyle John Lesher Memorial Fund, Reading, PA 19605 (PDF)9/25/2012Cease and Desist
Lafayette Foundation of the Conshohocken-Plymouth-Whitemarsh Rotary Club
​Consent Agreement
Lancaster Professional Firefighters Association (PDF)8/7/2012Consent Agreement
Langham Partnership USA, Inc., NFP (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Laogai Research Foundation9/29/1998Cease and Desist
​Larry Holmes Charitable Foundation/Larry Holmes Statue (PDF)​1/9/2015​Cease and Desist
Last Chance for Animals (PDF)4/18/2002Consent Agreement
Last Chance Ranch, Inc., (PDF)6/10/2009Consent Agreement
Latrobe 4th of July Celebration (PDF)12/18/2008Consent Agreement
Law Enforcement Alliance of America (PDF)1/10/2002Consent Agreement
Law Enforcement Alliance of America, Inc.1/10/2001Cease and Desist
Lazarus House, Harrisburg, PA 17110 (PDF)8/22/2013Cease and Desist
LC Predator Catcher, and/or Luzerne County Predator Catcher, and/or Musa M. Harris
​Cease and Desist
​Leadership Roundtable, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Leechburg Lodge #102, Loyal Order of Moose, A/K/A Leechburg Moose Family Center #102, A/K/A Rock for Life, Leechburg, PA 15656 (PDF)1/11/2013Cease and Desist
​Leechburg Lodge  #2, Loyal Order of Moose, A/K/A Leechburg Moose Family Center #102, A/K/A Rock for Life (PDF)​3/17/2015​Consent Agreement
Legal Affairs Council, Inc. (PDF)7/10/2001Consent Agreement
Legal Affairs Council, Inc. (PDF)11/14/2003Consent Agreement (2nd offense)
Liberty Acres Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. (PDF)01/02/2024​
Cease and Desist
Liberty Bell Sad Sacks Post #154, Philadelphia, PA6/19/2008Cease and Desist
Liberty Township Fire Company Inc (PDF)9/29/2011Consent Agreement
​Life Dynamics, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Life for Relief and Development (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Lifeline Industries, Inc.4/9/2003Cease and Desist
Lift for the 22, Inc. (PDF)​7/11/2018​Cease and Desist
​Lititz Springs Park, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Little Rock Foundation, The (PDF)​6/26/2018​Cease and Desist
​Local Police Safety Campaign, a/k/a Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
​Longyear Foundation
​Consent Agreement
Love Our Pets Org, Inc., Owings Mills, MD 211171/12/2010Cease and Desist
Lower Bucks Family YMCA (PDF)​2/20/2018​Consent Agreement
​Lower Burrell Volunteer Fire Company #3 (PDF)​5/18/2018​Consent Agreement
Lower Swatara Fire Department, Middletown, PA 170579/11/2009Cease and Desist
Lower Frederick Fire Company, Spring Mount, PA 1947811/17/2009Cease and Desist
L.W. Robbins Associates, Inc. (PDF)8/08/2002Adjudication
Made in the USA Foundation, Inc.8/4/1999Cease and Desist
Maine Seacoast Mission (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Majestic Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center, Inc.2/4/2002Cease and Desist
Make Some Noise: Cure Kids CancerFoundation, Parsippany, NJ 07054 (PDF)​8/12/2014​Cease and Desist
​Make Some Noise: Cure Kids Cancer Foundation, Inc. (PDF)​9/7/2017​Consent Agreement
​Metavivor Research and Support, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
Malcomson, Diane  (PDF)​11/10/14​Consent Agreement
​Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the US (PDF)​6/19/2017​Consent Agreement
Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation (PDF)​9/17/2018​Consent Agreement
Manchester Citizens Corporation, The (PDF)9​/29/2017​​Consent Agreement
Mansfield & Associates, LLC (PDF)​7/20/2016​Consent Agreement
​Marcella S. Hess Fund for Pancreatic Cancer (PDF)​8/23/2017​Cease and Desist
​Marianna Outdoorsmen Association (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Marijuana Policy Project
​Cease and Desist
Marijuana Policy Project Foundation
​Cease and Desist
Mark & Sell Solutions, Moline, IL 61265 (PDF)8/12/2011Cease and Desist
Marketing Initiatives10/23/1998Cease and Desist
Mary C. Schanz Foundation a/k/a Ironwood Pig Sanctuary (PDF)6/23/2010Consent Agreement
Mary Jane Home Enrichment Centre, Inc. (PDF)​1/30/2018​Cease and Desist
​Mary Mason Community Foundation​ (PDF)​2/6/2009​Consent Agreement​
​Mary Mason Foundation (PDF)​1/12/2005​Cease and Desist​
​Mason, Mary​ (PDF)​2/6/2009​Consent Agreement​
Materials Research Society, Inc. (PDF)7/8/2004Consent Agreement
May, Brandon (PDF)​9/7/2018​Consent Agreement
​McCabe, Corey and Alive2Day (PDF)​5/01/2019​Cease and Desist
McDaniels, Kenneth M. (PDF)8/7/2012Adjudication
​McGuire Memorial Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
McQueeney, Colleen A. (PDF)​2/28/2018​Consent Agreement
Mechanicsburg Club, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 (PDF)2/27/2012Adjudication
Mechanicsburg Club, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 (PDF)10/23/2014Consent Agreement
Mediation Ministries and Litigation Alternatives (PDF)
Men with a Vision and Henry A. Sowell, Jr.2/5/2004Cease and Desist
Mental Health Association in Westmoreland County (PDF)2/7/2006Consent Agreement
Mercy Village, Inc. (PDF)6/27/2012Consent Agreement
Meshoppen Volunteer Fire Department, Meshoppen, PA 1863011/17/2009Cease and Desist
Michael Fox a/k/a Michael Dancik d/b/a Save on Shopping10/6/2005Cease and Desist
Michael Selvanto (PDF)5/15/2012Adjudication
Middletown Volunteer Fire Department (PDF)4/19/2010Consent Agreement
Mifflinburg Heritage & Revitalization Association, Inc (PDF).7/29/2010Consent Agreement
​Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Military With PTSD, Inc. (PDF)​3/16/2017​Cease and Desist
Mobile Association for the Blind, Mobile, AL 366178/2/2010Cease and Desist
Modified K9, Inc. (PDF)4/3/2012Consent Agreement
Mont Alto Fire Company No. 1​5/01/2019​Cease and Desist
Montgomery County Mentoring Partnership for Families12/13/2000Cease and Desist
Mount Oliver Hook and Ladder (PDF)6/22/2009Consent Agreement
Mountain States Legal Foundation (PDF)12/3/2002Consent Agreement
Mountainside Pet Rescue (PDF)​11/6/2018​Cease and Desist
Movember, Inc. (PDF)8/1/2011Consent Agreement
Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project (PDF)11/29/2012Adjudication
​Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project​ (PDF)​8/4/2015​Adjudication
Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project, Pittsburgh, PA 15208 (PDF)12/29/2011Cease and Desist
Mr. & Mrs. Riccio Memorial Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Mt. Oliver Hook & Ladder
8/28/2007Cease and Desist
​Muhlenberg Township Athletic Association (PDF)​2/9/2018​Consent Agreement
Municipal Marketing Services, Inc. (PDF)8/1/2003Consent Agreement
​Municipal Marketing Services, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Murrysville Christian Concern d/b/a Friends Thrift Shop (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Mustang Hearts Equine Rescue6/26/2008Cease and Desist
Mustard Seed Project (MSP) (PDF)
8/1/2011Consent Agreement
My Brother's House and/or Remolia Simpson (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
NABCOMM and/or Nick Bonesso, Pittsburgh, PA 1522410/26/2007Cease and Desist
Nace, Kraig L. (PDF)​7/27/2018​Consent Agreement
NAMES Project Foundation (The) (PDF)8/26/2002Consent Agreement
Narberth Community Food Bank (PDF)​10/31/2017​Consent Agreement
National Aphasia Association, Inc. (PDF)​3/23/2017​Cease and Desist
National Assistance Committee (PDF)​8/30/2017​Cease and Desist
​National Assistance Committee and National Assistance Committee d/b/a US Troopers & Police Program (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (PDF)9/5/2012Adjudication
National Association of the Wolves3/6/1998Cease and Desist
National Association of Town Watch, Inc. (PDF)11/18/2010Consent Agreement
National Canine Cancer Foundation (PDF)​4/12/2017​Consent Agreement
National Center Disadvantage Workers (PDF)11/8/2005Consent Agreement
National Center for Public Policy Research, Inc. (PDF)7/5/2000Consent Agreement
National Charities Benefit Foundation, Inc. (PDF)7/10/2009Consent Agreement
National Child Safety Council (PDF)("National Child")10/9/2007Consent Agreement
National Committee to Free the Cuban Five8/7/2004Cease and Desist
​National Council of Jewish Women Pittsburgh Section (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
National Drug & Safety League (PDF)7/14/2002Consent Agreement
National Emergency Medicine Association, Inc. (PDF)9/28/2005Consent Agreement
National Farm Workers Service Center, Inc.12/4/1998Cease and Desist
National Fire Safety Council ("National Fire")10/9/2007Consent Agreement
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship to Handicapped & Disadvantaged Youth, Inc. (PDF)6/3/2008Consent Agreement
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (PDF)11/2/2000Consent Agreement
​National Hockey League Foundation
​Consent Agreement
National Law Center on Homeless and Poverty
​Consent Agreement
​National Law Enforcement & Firefighters Children's Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
National League of Taxpayers1/25/1999Cease and Desist
National Model Railroad Association, Inc.1/31/2000Cease and Desist
National Montford Point Marine Association (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
National Pro-Life Alliance (PDF)7/24/2000Consent Agreement
National Relief Charities (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
National School Fitness Foundation6/16/2004Cease and Desist
National Security Center (PDF)1/23/2001Consent Agreement
​National Sisterhood United for Journeyman Lineman (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
National Steelworkers Oldtimers Foundation10/31/1997Cease and Desist
National Veterans Committee (PDF)​8/30/2017Cease and Desist​
National Wrestling Coaches Association, Inc. (PDF)12/2/2010Consent Agreement
Nav Nirmaan Foundation, Inc.7/10/2001Cease and Desist
Neshaminy Soccer Booster Club, Langhorne, PA2/25/2008Cease and Desist
Next Step Foundation (PDF)2/17/2010Consent Agreement
Nexus Direct, LLC (PDF)5/10/2011Consent Agreement
New Alliance College/Alliance Institute4/18/1997Cease and Desist
New Freedom Theatre, Inc. (PDF)1/22/2009Consent Agreement
​New Life Recycling (PDF)​1/9/2015​Cease and Desist
New Venture Housing Development, Philadelphia, PA 191504/30/2010Cease and Desist
Newport Creative Communications (PDF)1/12/2012Consent Agreement
Newton Ransom Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. (PDF)7/29/2010Consent Agreement
Newtown Fire Association, Inc. (PDF)​7/07/2017​Consent Agreement
NJ Clipper Corporation (PDF)​8/28/2015​Cease and Desist
​Noah's Lost Ark, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
Noncommissioned Officers Association of the USA5/13/2004Cease and Desist
Nora Lam Chinese Ministries International (PDF)10/7/2008Consent Agreement
Nordmark, James R. (PDF)
​Stipulation and Consent Agreement
​Nordmark & Hood Presentations, Inc. (PDF)
​Stipulation and Consent Agreement
North American Charitable Services10/19/1999Cease and Desist
North Central Community and Economic Development Corporation​1​/16/2008​Cease and Desist​
North Central CEDC​​1/16/2008​Cease and Desist
Northeast Committee on Homelessness, Philadelphia, PA 19124 (PDF)6/15/2011Cease and Desist
North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry (PDF)​7/20/2015​Consent Agreement
Northeastern PA Educational Television Association (WVIA)(PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Northeastern Youth Sports Association2/6/2006Cease and Desist
​Northern York County Historical and Preservation Society (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Northside Industrial Development Company D/B/A Riverside Center for  Innovation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Northwell Health Foundation
​Consent Agreement
Now Playing Video, Inc. (PDF)​7/27/2018​Consent Agreement
Nu Juice Foundation, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (PDF)3/4/2013Cease and Desist
O&P Rescue, William Ura and Randy Kovach Jr., McKeesport, PA 15132 (PDF)9/12/2013Cease and Desist
O'Brien, McConnell & Pearson, Inc. (PDF)11/18/2002Consent Agreement
Oberholtzer, Jennifer (PDF)​9/28/2018​Consent Agreement
Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corp. (PDF)​9/6/2017​Consent Agreement
O'Hara, Jacqueline (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
Omni Development Relief Fund (PDF)5/28/2010Consent Agreement
​One & All, Inc., f/k/a Russ Reid Company, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
One Pennsylvania (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
OneRun Together, Inc. (PDF)​7/07/2017​Consent Agreement
​Open Hand Ministries, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Operation Care Package (PDF)12/20/2011Consent Agreement
Operation Good Neighbor Foundation (PDF)8/21/2006Consent Agreement
​Operation HELP, PPL Electric Utilities Corporation (PDF)​6/07/2017​Consent Agreement
Operation Help the Children, Philadelphia, PA 19130 (PDF)11/8/2011Cease and Desist
​Operation Hope, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Opportunity Erie8/15/1997Cease and Desist
​Opportunity Football Academy of West Africa (PDF)
​10/3/2017​Cease and Desist
Opportunities Industrialization Center Inc.
​Consent Agreement
​Orphan Acres, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
Orphan Foundation of America (PDF)​4/10/2017​Cease and Desist
Outfront!, Philadelphia, PA5/2/2008Cease and Desist
Outreach Associates, Inc (PDF).**2/15/2011Consent Agreement
Outreach Associates, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA 15203*2/15/2011Cease and Desist
Overdose Awareness Foundation and Christine Cocker (PDF)​1/13/2016​Cease and Desist
Owen J. Robert Rowing Club (PDF)​6/29/2017​Cease and Desist
Oxford Institute for Recovery, Inc.2/8/2005Cease and Desist
PA Canine Registration​ (PDF)4​/21/2016​​Cease and Desist
PA Hero Walk (PDF)​8/9/2016​Consent Agreement
PA Youth Challenge (PDF)​12/1/2017​Cease and Desist
Pageants With a Purpose (PDF)​8/23/2017​Cease and Desist
Partnership CDC, The (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
PEF Enterprises2/15/1996Cease and Desist
Palestine Right to Return Coalition (The) (PDF)8/21/2006Consent Agreement
Parkesburg Point Youth Center, The (PDF)​7/07/2017​Consent Agreement
Parks Unlimited, Inc. (PDF)3/24/2010Consent Agreement
Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PDF)​5/11/2017​Cease and Desist
Partners in Health (PDF)1/23/2012Consent Agreement
PathStone Corporation (PDF)1/12/2012Consent Agreement
Patterson, Anthony​
​1/16/2008C​ease and Desist​
​Penland School of Craft, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Paul Hedrick Legacy Foundation (PDF)
​C​ease and Desist​​
Pennsbury HIgh School Cheerleading Association
​Consent Agreement
Pennsylvania Society for Advancement of the Deaf (PDF)11/29/2016​Cease and Desist
​Persad Center, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Petecca, Alfred R.​​9/19/1997​Cease and Desist
Petrus, LLC (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Phantoms Charities (PDF)​8/27/2018​Consent Agreement
​Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Philly Speak a/k/a SPEAK (PDF)​10/10/2018​Cease and Desist
Physician Assistant Foundation of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (PDF)
8/1/2011Consent Agreement
Pennsylvania ACORN​​11/14/2007​Cease and Desist
Pennsylvania DUI Association (PDF)6/24/2009Consent Agreement
Pennsylvania League of Conservation Voters7/16/2010Cease and Desist
Pennsylvania Statewide Latino Coalition, Philadelphia, PA 191265/12/2010Cease and Desist
Pennsylvania Woodland Herpetological Society, Washington, PA 15301 (PDF)5/1/2013Cease and Desist
Pan Atlantic International Limited5/12/1997Cease and Desist
Parents Alliance Concerning Teens7/19/2000Cease and Desist
Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, The11/16/2005Cease and Desist
People's Charity, Lebanon, PA 17042 (PDF)8/22/2012Cease and Desist
Perregrine Arts, Inc. (PDF)4/9/2012Consent Agreement
​Perry County Animal Rescue (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Perryopolis Area Heritage Society (PDF)​4/20/2017​Cease and Desist
Persad Center, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Philadelphia Dance Theatre (PDF)​7/11/2018​Cease and Desist
Philadelphia Dialog Forum, a/k/a Turkish Cultural Center of Philadelphia, a/k/a Dialogue International, a/k/a TCCC, a/k/a Pennsylvania Dialog Forum, Philadelphia, PA 19116 (PDF)4/29/2013Cease and Desist
Philadelphia Friends of V, Inc. (PDF)​7/07/2017​Consent Agreement
Philadelphia Folksong Society, Inc.
​Cease and Desist
Philadelphia Police & Fire Football Club (PDF)​3/17/2015​Consent Agreement
Philadelphia Rescue Mission and Jim Kelly1/13/2005Cease and Desist
Philadelphia Rescue Mission and Jim Kelly1/13/2005Cease and Desist
Philadelphia Research & Education Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Philanthropic Endeavors Foundation, Inc. (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia
​Consent Agreement
Phoenix Sports Club, Feasterville, PA 190537/2/2009Cease and Desist
Pink Paws for Life, Philadelphia, PA 1913010/27/2009Cease and Desist
Pittsburgh Family Development (PDF)​4/13/2017​Cease and Desist
Pittsburgh Harlequins Rugby Football Association (PDF)6/27/2012Consent Agreement
Pittsburgh Outreach Program and Spiritual Devotional Outreach Recovery Program, and Burrell, Tyrone a/k/a Burrell, Tyrone "T-Bird" (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Pittsburgh Outreach Program and Spiritual Devotional Outreach Recovery Program, and Burrell, Tyrone a/k/a Burrell, Tyrone "T-Bird" (PDF)
​Final Adjudication and Order
​Pittsburgh United
​Consent Agreement
Planet Aid - Philadelphia10/10/2002Cease and Desist

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates
​Consent Agreement
Platinum International aka Platinum Business Service2/15/1996Cease and Desist
PMX Agency, LLC (PDF)​8/13/2018​Consent Agreement
Pocono Environmental Coalition & Wildlife Society, Saylorsburg, PA 18353 (PDF)9/10/2013Cease and Desist
Pocono Equestrian Center (The) (PDF)7/23/2007Consent Agreement
​Poets and Writers, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Points of Light Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Poise Foundation (PDF)11/27/2000Consent Agreement
Polaris Foundation7/23/2003Cease and Desist
Police RAP/DK Publications/David Feldman9/9/2003Cease and Desist
​Police Rod & Gun Club (PDF)​8/20/15​Consent Agreement
Police Survivors and Jeff Campbell4/6/2004Cease and Desist
Policemen's Support Fund8/29/2006Cease and Desist
Poneros, Nicholas (PDF)12/4/2009Consent Agreement
Ponytales Rescue (PDF)3/1/2012Cease and Desist
Population Institute (PDF)11/29/2011Consent Agreement
Portfolio Associates, Inc.10/23/1998Cease and Desist
Positive Promise Pitt Bull Foundation, Shaverstown, PA 18708 (PDF)12/3/2013Cease and Desist
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Poverty Resolutions, Inc. (PDF)​1/24/2018Consent Agreement​
Preferred Community Services, Inc. (PDF)6/2/2005Consent Agreement
Presbyterian Homes, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Presbyterian Homes, Inc. (PDF)​1/30/2018​Consent Agreement
Priests for Life (PDF)7/7/2010Consent Agreement
Priests for Life (PDF)4/20/2007Consent Agreement
Primarily Primates, Inc. (PDF)7/29/2010Consent Agreement
ProFundraisers, Inc. (PDF)12/20/2016​Consent Agreement
Project Teach
3/6/1998Cease and Desist
Project Vote Smart (PDF)​8/7/2001​Consent Agreement
​Prostate Cancer Awareness of NE PA, Kingston, PA 18704 (PDF)​4/9/2015​Cease and Desist
​Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia (PDF)
​8/27/2018​Consent Agreement
Public Relations Society of America Foundation Inc (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Pure Life Ministries (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Quilts for Kids, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
Reach Our Children (PDF)
7/31/2008Consent Agreement
R&B Associates10/23/1998Cease and Desist
Race 2 a Cure, Harrisburg, PA 17112 (PDF)11/4/2013Cease and Desist
​Rachel's Vineyard Ministries
​Cease and Desist
Rachel's Vineyard Ministries (PDF)4/23/2013Consent Agreement
​Racing for Heroes (PDF)​2/9/2018​Cease and Desist
Radnor Hounds Foundation (PDF)​12/1/2017​Cease and Desist
​Radnor Hounds Foundation, The, (PDF)​10/18/2018​Consent Agreement
Raising Change (PDF)​5/16/2019​Cease and Desist
Ralph Scott Winterburn (PDF)​9/14/2017​Cease and Desist
Rashel Tiffany Bumbaugh (PDF)​9/7/2017​Consent Agreement
Reber, John Michael (PDF)8/25/2010Consent Agreement
Reber/Thomas Marketing, Inc.7/3/2003Cease and Desist
Rebound Greyhounds3/24/2004Cease and Desist
Red Feather Development Group7/29/1999Cease and Desist
Red Lion Cub Cheerleading (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Refuse to Abuse1/6/1999Cease and Desist
​Renewable Manufacturing Gateway (PDF)​9/6/2017​Consent Agreement
Repair the World, Inc. (PDF)​8/30/2018​Consent Agreement
Reph, Kathy Anne (PDF)10/24/2008Consent Agreement
Residential Programs, Inc. (PDF)​9/6/2017​Consent Agreement
Resource Services, Inc., Dallas, TX 7525410/27/2009Cease and Desist
Response Dynamics (PDF)4/19/2000Consent Agreement
Richard Norman Company, (The) (PDF)12/15/2003Consent Agreement
Ride for Hannah and William Reider and Christa Reider, Saylorsburg, PA 18353 (PDF)12/02/2011Cease and Desist
Richard T. Haskins (PDF)​9/26/2018​Cease and Desist
Riders for the People Association, Inc., Johnstown, PA 171118/13/2009Cease and Desist
Rise and Shine, Inc. (PDF)9/24/2003Adjudication **
Robert Fulton Volunteer Fire Company (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Robin Heller International, LLC (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Roger Von Amelunxen Foundation, Inc.12/4/1998Cease and Desist
Ron Goldman Justice Fund4/14/1997Cease and Desist
Rose, Christian (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
​RTOG Foundation (PDF)​3/27/2017​Cease and Desist
Rumble on the River, Tionesta, PA 1635311/20/2008Cease and Desist
Ruscombmanor Volunteer Fire Company, Fleetwood, PA 1952212/23/2009Cease and Desist
​Russ Reid Company, Inc. (PDF)12/01/2015​​Consent Agreement
Safer Autos National Enlistment, Inc., a/k/a Sane, Inc., Boco Raton, FL5/28/2008Cease and Desist
Sandy Hollow Arts and Recreation for the Environment (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Saints Prison Ministry, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Santa's Helpers (PDF)7/29/2010Consent Agreement
Sarah Heinz House Association (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Satori Farm10/31/2003Cease and Desist
Save A Child Foundation (PDF)5/5/2004Consent Agreement
Save A Child Foundation, Flint, MI 48507*5/5/2004Cease and Desist
Schaeffer, Jeffrey S (PDF).10/1/2008Consent Agreement
Schoelkopf, Elizabeth N. (PDF)12/22/2003Consent Agreement
Schultz & Williams, Inc. (PDF)5/11/2011Consent Agreement
Scleroderma Research Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Sea Turtle Restoration Network11/18/2004Cease and Desist
2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue​ (PDF)​3/9/2015​Consent Agreement
Secure the Call Foundation, Inc., Sunrise, FL12/6/2007Cease and Desist
Selay Publishing (PDF)
​Stipulation and Consent Agreement
​Sevenzo (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Several Sources Charities, Inc., Ramsey, NJ 074465/19/2010Cease and Desist
Share Group, Inc. (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
Shawn M. Costa (PDF)​9/26/2018​Cease and Desist
Shelter Box USA, Inc. (PDF)5/28/2010Consent Agreement
She Deserves (P​​DF)1/17/2024
Cease and Desist​
Shenandoah Quarterback Club, Inc. (PDF)5/16/2008Consent Agreement
Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Shickshinny Volunteer Fire Company (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Shiloh Community Services, Easton, PA11/29/2007Cease and Desist
Shission, Daniel A. (PDF)6/22/2009Consent Agreement
Shoemakersville Fire Company No. 1 (PDF)​4/20/2017​Consent Agreement
Silverdale Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 (PDF)6/25/2010Consent Agreement
Slocum Township Volunteer Ambulance Squad, Wapallopen, PA2/19/2008
Cease and Desist
Small Business Survival Committee6/16/2003Cease and Desist
SmartRaiser LLC, Portland, OR 97223 (PDF)9/20/2011Cease and Desist
Smith-Freeman & Associates (PDF)7/12/2005Consent Agreement
Snyder, Mary Beth; a/k/a Mary Beth Miller (PDF)4/6/2009Consent Agreement
Society for the Preservation of Animal Welfare & Safety, Inc., (The) (PDF)4/3/2009Consent Agreement
Soap Opera Aids Response8/22/2001Cease and Desist
​Sofi Tucker Foundation, The (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
SOS American Foundation, Inc (PDF)10/23/2014Consent Agreement
Sound of America, Inc. (PDF)3/8/2011Consent Agreement
South Asian American Digital Archive, NFP (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Southeast PA U.S.B.C. Assoc., also known as United States Bowling Congress d/b/a Southeast PA USBC
​Consent Agreement
Southwest Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department (PDF)​8/16/2016​Cease and Desist
Spanish Scholarship Fund (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
SPEAK a/k/a Philly Speak (PDF)​10/10/2018Cease and Desist​
​Speak Up for Horses, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
​Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Sports & Entertainment Strategies, Inc. (PDF)12/10/2002Adjudication
Sports & Entertainment Strategies, Inc.12/14/00Cease and Desist
St. Andrews Community Youth Center (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
St. Barnabas Charities, Inc (PDF).7/29/2010Consent Agreement
St. Maria Gor​etti Foundation Children's Home and/or David Joseph Rethage (PDF).4/24/2024Cease and Desist​
St. Peter's Institute, Philadelphia, PA 191039/30/2010Cease and Desist
Stagecoach Digital, LLC (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Starfish Project - Save One, Murrysville, PA 15668 (PDF)8/21/2013Cease and Desist
Steel Aquatic Club (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Steel Valley Humane Society5/15/1997Cease and Desist
​Steelton Volunteer Fire Company
​Consent Agreement
Stepping Stone Education Center, Phoenixville, PA 194609/9/2009Cease and Desist
Stockade Group, (The) (PDF)9/23/2014Consent Agreement
Stone Group, Inc.,(The) (PDF)12/2/2004Consent Agreement
Stop the Snooping6/12/2003Cease and Desist
​Strasburg Fire Company No. 1 (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Center (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Strawpump Volunteer Fire Department (PDF)7/11/2008Consent Agreement
Stray Haven Humane Society & S.P.C.A., Waverly, NY 1489212/13/2010Cease and Desist
Stuart/Grey (PDF)12/21/2001Consent Agreement
Student Conservation Association, Inc. (PDF)8/25/2011Consent Agreement
Students Making a Change, Inc. (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Suburban Swim Club, Newton Square, PA 1907311/17/2009Cease and Desist
Sultan Jihad Ahmad Community Foundation (PDF)8/21/2010Consent Agreement
​Suncoast Specialty (PDF)
​Stipulation and Consent Agreement
Supporting Autism and Families Everywhere (SAFE) (PDF)5/22/2009Consent Agreement
Sweet Bark Pit Bull Rescue3/18/2013Cease and Desist
Swoyersville Volunteer Hose Co. #1 (PDF)1/21/2009Consent Agreement
Tarquinio, Michael (PDF)12/9/2008Consent Agreement

Team Pittsburgh (PDF)​5/27/2015​Consent Agreement​

Tele-Data Services, Inc. (PDF)2/9/2005Final Adjudication **
Tele-Data Services11/5/2003Cease and Desist
TeleService U.S.A. (PDF)5/5/2004Consent Agreement
TeleService U.S.A, Clawson, MI 48017*5/5/2004Cease and Desist
TeleService U.S.A. (PDF)9/25/2003Consent Agreement
Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation/Life & Hope Network (PDF)2/12/2014Consent Agreement
The 60 Plus Association, Inc.
​Cease and Desist
The 60 Plus Foundation, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
The Actors' Fund of America
​Consent Agreement
​The African American Museum in Philadelphia
​Consent Agreement
The American Conservative
8/19/1999Cease and Desist
The American Legion
​Consent Agreement
The American Orthopaedic Association
​Consent Agreement
The American Tinnitus Association (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
The Champions Association1/24/1997Cease and Desist
The Clemente Collection at Enginehouse 25
​Consent Agreement
The Cobbs Creek Restoration and Community Foundation
​Consent Agreement
​The Diamond Club (PDF)​11/5/2015Adjudication​
The Disabled and Handicapped2/15/1996Cease and Desist
The Ehlers-Danlos Society
​Consent Agreement
The Employment Project12/4/1998Cease and Desist
The Events Business4/6/1998Cease and Desist
The Foxmark Group4/6/1998Cease and Desist
The Fortune Society2/25/2003Cease and Desist
The Global News3/28/2000Cease and Desist
​The Greg Wolf Fund, Inc.
​Cease and Desist
​The Jerry Segal Classic
​Consent Agreement
The Kellogg Organization, Inc.3/31/2009Cease and Desist
The Law Enforcement Alliance of America1/25/1999Cease and Desist
The Lost Grotto, Warminster, PA 189745/20/2010Cease and Desist
​The mGive Foundation, Inc. aka The Mobile Fund
​Cease and Desist
The Novis Group, Inc. (PDF)​8/4/2015​Adjudication
The Orion Society
6/2/2003Cease and Desist
The Parliament (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Theodore Productions, Inc. (PDF)1/24/2008Consent Agreement
​Throw Away Dogs Project (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Thrive Marketing Group, LLC, f/k/a Craver Matthews Smith & Company, LLC (PDF)​11/21/2018​Consent Agreement
​Throwing For a Cause (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Thumbs-Up Telemarketing10/17/1996Cease and Desist
Thumbs-Up Telemarketing (PDF)5/15/2012Adjudication
Thumbs Up Telemarketing, Inc. (PDF)​1/05/2017​Consent Agreement
Ticket Master, Virginia Beach, VA12/6/2007Cease and Desist
Tiger Ranch, Inc. Lin Marie, a/k/a Linda Bruno (PDF)
4/2/2010Consent Agreement

Tikva Corp (PDF)
Consent Agreement

Tollefson,Donald t/d/b/a Winning Ways Education (PDF)10/23/2014Consent Agreement
Tom Kwiatek Associates, d/b/a SponsorLink (PDF)
4/26/2010Consent Agreement
​Touch Foundation, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Tracey's Hope Hospice Care Program & Rescue for Domestic Animals (PDF)10/22/2013Consent Agreement
​Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Trailways To Heaven Animal Rescue (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Trees, Water and People (PDF)​7/07/2017​Consent Agreement
Treven James Reese Foundation, Monroeville, PA 151469/26/2008Cease and Desist
True Majority, a project of Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities6/2/2003Cease and Desist
Turner, Beatrice (PDF)​1/12/2005Cease and Desist​
​Turner, Beatrice (PDF)2/6/2009​​Consent Agreement
Turning Points for Children
​Consent Agreement
Turtle Creek Fire Department, Turtle Creek, PA 1514512/17/2009Cease and Desist
Two Ladies Four Paws and/or April Johnson
​Cease and Desist
Unico National, Inc.12/7/2000Cease and Desist
Union Gospel Mission8/31/2004Cease and Desist
United Airlines Flight 93 Somerset County Memorial9/9/2004Cease and Desist
United Children’s Fund (PDF)("United Children")10/9/2007Consent Agreement
United Farm Workers of America (PDF)9/18/2001Consent Agreement
United Farm Workers of America (PDF)3/8/2007Consent Agreement
​United Fire Company of Montrose (PDF)​7/30/2018​Consent Agreement
​United Hospital Fund of New York (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
United Nations Foundation, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
United Ostomy Association of America (PDF)
​3/31/2017​Consent agreement
United Proud Patriot Veterans Organization, Menomonee Falls, WI7/7/2010Cease and Desist
United Restoration Ministeries, Columbus Restoration Ministries and Columbus Restoration Church, Columbus, OH 43206 (PDF)9/12/2013Cease and Desist
United States Biathlon Association12/4/1998Cease and Desist
United States Burn Support Organization (PDF)11/30/2010Final Adjudication **
United Way of Pike County, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Up2Us, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
UP TO PAR Foundation, Shiloh, NJ 083537/29/2009Cease and Desist
UrbanPromise MInistries, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
USA2Troops and Direct2Troops; and MICHAEL MOVE, a/k/a STEVE GOVE a/k/a STEEVE GOVE and AMANDA MOVE a/k/a JES GOVE a/k/a CHRISTI GOVE , Sewickley, PA and Pittsburgh, PA7/30/2009Cease and Desist
US APB, Inc.7/1/1998Cease and Desist
US Blind Services, Inc.3/12/2003Cease and Desist
U.S. English, Inc. (PDF)7/5/2001Consent Agreement
US Family Network7/27/2001Cease and Desist
U.S. Term Limits (PDF)6/1/2010Consent Agreement
U.S. Term Limits (PDF)12/8/2000Consent Agreement
US Troopers & Police Program (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
US Veterans Assistance Foundation (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
​ Family Bonds Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Valley Emergency Ambulance Association (PDF)4/18/2006Consent Agreement
Valley Entertainment1/15/1999Cease and Desist
Vehicle Donation Processing Center, Inc. (PDF)4/29/2010Consent Agreement
​Veritas Academy of the Arts, Inc. and William John Grigsby
​Cease and Desist
Veterans Community Involvement (PDF)8/5/2004Adjudication **
Veterans Community Involvement7/1/2003Cease and Desist
Veterans, Fund, The (PDF)1/27/2010Consent Agreement
​Veterans Fund of the United States (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Veteran's Observer (The) (PDF)4/26/2002Consent Agreement
Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc., a/k/a Local Police Safety Campaign (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Veterans for Life, Erie, PA 165083/10/2010Cease and Desist
Veterans Helping Hands4/16/2002Cease and Desist
Veterans National Alliance7/18/2001Cease and Desist
​Veterans Reaching Out and/or John Mizic
​Cease and Desist
Veterans Welfare and Darryl Thompson
2/1/2005Cease and Desist
Victor Holz d.b.a. Hollywood International Promotions3/20/1997Cease and Desist
​Village of Arts and Humanities, The (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Vintage Vixon, The, and/or Charmoney Workshop, The, and/or Huffman, Sandra (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Virtua Health Foundation, Marlton, NJ 08053 (PDF)6/1/2011Cease and Desist
Vision of Hope2/18/1997Cease and Desist
Vista Life Innovations (Formerly Vista Vocational & Life Skills Center (PDF)11/29/2016​Cease and Desist
​Vivirito, Pamela (PDF)​2/8/2016​Cease and Desist
Voice 4 the Fallen (PDF)​3/14/2018​Cease and Desist
​Cease and Desist
Voice Media, Oakland, CA 94607 (PDF)6/6/2014Cease and Desist
Volunteers for Veterans and Edward C. Bickel12/9/2004Cease and Desist
​Walk for Obesity, a/k/a American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Foundation, Inc., a/k/a ASMBS Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
War Child USA, Inc. (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Warfield Group, The, Bethesda, MD 208172/19/2009Cease and Desist
Warren Riley, dba Rossi, O'Brien and Company12/20/2000Cease and Desist
Washington Wild (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Watershed Group (PDF)3/7/2012Consent Agreement
​Waynesboro Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. (PDF)10/19/2017​Consent Agreement
Welcome America, Inc. (PDF)9/13/2010Consent Agreement
Welcome America, Inc. (PDF)5/17/2005Consent Agreement
​West Bradford Fire Company (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
West Bradford Youth Athletics (PDF)7/10/2009Consent Agreement
Western Pennsylvania Police News 10/4/1999Cease and Desist
​West Goshen Police Officers Association (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
​West Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (PDF)​3/01/2017​Consent Agreement
​West Shore Youth Athletic Association (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Westside Family Healthcare, Inc. (PDF)9/19/2011Consent Agreement
​We Work Together Corporation (PDF)8/28/2015​​Cease and Desist
​WGBH Educational Foundation (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
White Deer Township Fire Company, New Columbia, PA 17856 (PDF)10/26/2011Cease and Desist
Who's Positive, State College, PA 1680311/6/2007Cease and Desist
Wilderness Awareness School1/24/1997Cease and Desist
Wildland Firefighter Foundation (PDF)​9/26/2018​Consent Agreement
​Wildlife Center Friends, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Wildlife Waystation (PDF)2/13/2001Consent Agreement
Wilkes-Barre Township Volunteer Fire Department (PDF)4/15/2010Consent Agreement
​Windber Fire Company No. 1 (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Winfield Township Volunteer Fire Company (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Wishnefsky, Jennie L. (PDF)1/19/2007Consent Agreement
Wolz, Beth Ann (PDF)11/26/2007Consent Agreement
Women in Art in Pennsylvania, Allentown, PA 18104 (PDF)3/21/2011Cease and Desist
Women in Art in Pennsylvania (PDF)2/6/2013Consent Agreement
Women of Color Network, Inc.
​Cease and Desist
Women's Research and Education Institute2/26/1999Cease and Desist
Works of Life Ministries, Clovis, CA 936124/21/2010Cease and Desist
World Children's Fund1/20/2005Cease and Desist
World Conference on Religion and Peace, Inc. n/k/a World Conference of Religions for Peace, Inc. (PDF)10/1/2003Consent Agreement

World Surgical Foundation, Inc. (PDF)

8/7/2012Consent Agreement
​Worldwide Federation of Credit Unions, Inc. (PDF)
​Cease and Desist
Workinger, Lynne (PDF)7/1/2010Final Adjudication **
​Work to Ride, Inc.
​Consent Agreement
Wrightsville Volunteer Fire Department (PDF)11/28/2012Consent Agreement
Xentel, Inc. (PDF)10/16/2010Consent Agreement
Xentel, Inc. (PDF)3/7/2012Consent Agreement
Xerces Society, Inc. (PDF)9/19/2011Consent Agreement
Young Women's Christian Association of Chester, PA 190166/29/2011Cease and Desist
York County Community Against Racism, York, PA 1740111/2/2011Cease and Desist
Youth Enrichment Services, Inc. (PDF)
​Consent Agreement
Zodiac Group (PDF)​5/11/2018​Cease and Desist
Zoe's House, Inc.​​​(PDF)​2/5/2024​Cease and Desist