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​​​​Act 88 Reports

75-Day Report

Among other amendments, Act 2022-88 amends the Election Code to require a one-time internal review and certification regarding county procedures related to approval of voter registration applications, cancellation of deceased voters, voter list maintenance activities, safekeeping of voted ballots, enforcement of voter ID requirements, and canvassing of absentee and mail-in ballots. This review is required from all counties, regardless of whether the county applies to the Election Integrity Grant Program. 

The certification must be submitted to the Department of State no later than September 24, 2022, and the Department is required to publicly post these county certifications.

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Post Election Report

The outcome of any post-election audit required under the Election Code shall be submitted with the certification to the Secretary of the Commonwealth of the results of the primary or general election under Section 302(k) of the Election Code (25 P.S. § 2642(k)) and shall be posted on the Department of State's publicly accessible Internet website.

2023 Post-General Election Report

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2022 Post-General Election Report

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