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Results for Professional Boxing and MMA

January 20-Pro-AM Muay Thai-2300 Arena, Philadelphia(PDF)
January 26-Pro Boxing-Sugar House Casino, Philadelphia(PDF)
January 27-Amateur Kickboxing-Wyndcroft School, Pottstown(PDF)

February 3-Pro/AM MMA-National Guard Armory, Philadelphia(PDF) 
February 10-Pro Boxing-2300 Arena, Philadelphia(PDF)
February 10-Pro/AM MMA-Woodlands, Wilkes-Barre(PDF)
February 13-Pro Boxing-Sands Casino, Bethlehem(PDF) 
February 16-Pro/AM MMA-2300 Arena, Philadelphia(PDF)
February 17-Pro/AM MMA-EconoLodge, Allentown(PDF)
February 24-Pro Boxing-Zembo Arena, Harrisburg(PDF)

March 2-Pro Boxing-Sugar House Casino, Philadelphia(PDF)
March 3-Pro Boxing-Genetti's, Wilkes-Barre(PDF)
March 3-Amat. Kickboxing-Econo Lodge, Allentown(PDF)
March 9-Pro Boxing-Parx Casino, Bensalem(PDF)
March 10-Pro/Am MMA-Lanco Fieldhouse, East Petersburg(PDF)
March 10-Pro Boxing-Eagles Club, Lebanon(PDF)
March 17-Pro/AM MMA-Bayfront Center, Erie(PDF)
March24-Pro/AM MMA-Printscape Arena, Canonsburg(PDF)
March 30-Pro Boxing-The Fillmore, Philadelphia(PDF)
March 31-Pro/AM MMA-Woodlands, Wilkes-Barre(PDF)

April 6-Pro Boxing-2300 Arena, Philadelphia(PDF)
April 13-Pro Boxing-Sands Casino, Bethlehem(PDF)
April 14-Pro/AM MMA-EconoLodge, Allentown(PDF)
April 21-Pro Boxing-Zembo Arena, Harrisburg(PDF)
April 28-Pro Boxing-Liacouras Center, Philadelphia(PDF)
April 28-Pro/AM Muay Tai-2300 Arena, Philadelphia(PDF)

May 5-Pro Boxing-Bulldog Arena, Johnstown(PDF)
May 7-Pro Boxing-2300 Arena, Philadelphia(PDF)
May 11-Pro Boxing-2300 Arena, Philadelphia(PDF)
May 11-Pro Boxing-Sugar House Casino, Philadelphia(PDF)
May 12-Pro/AM MMA-EconoLodge, Allentown(PDF)
May 18-Pro/AM MMA-2300 Arena, Philadelphia(PDF)
May 19-Pro Boxing-Meadows Casino, Washington(PDF)
May 25-Pro Boxing-Priory Hall, Pittsburgh(PDF)

June 8-Pro Boxing-Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh(PDF)
June 9-Pro/AM MMA-Printscape Arena, Canonsburg(PDF)
June 16-Pro/AM MMA-Genetti's, Wilkes-Barre(PDF)
June 23-AM Kickboxing-Wyndcroft School, Pottstown(PDF)
June 23-Pro/AM MMA-EconoLodge, Allentown(PDF)
June 29-Pro Boxing-Parx Casino, Philadelphia(PDF)

July 14-Pro/AM MMA-Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh(PDF)
July 21-Pro/AM Kickboxing-EconoLodge, Allentown(PDF)
July 28-Pro/AM MMA-Sugar House Casino, Philadelphia(PDF)

August 4-Pro Boxing-HMAC, Harrisburg(PDF)
August 4-Pro Boxing-Meadows Casino, Washington(PDF)
August 10-Pro Boxing-Sugar House Casino, Philadelphia(PDF)
August 11-Pro Boxing-2300 Arena, Philadelphia(PDF)
August 11-Pro Boxing-Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh(PDF)