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Effective August 15th, 2022: online testing will be available for Notary licensing candidates via Pearson VUE known as OnVUE. Online testing allows candidates to continue making meaningful progress in their careers by offering a one-time attempt opportunity for testing from home/office.  For more information about OnVUE, please visit Pearson VUE's website.

The Division of Commissions, Legislation and Notaries of the Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation administers the duties imposed on the Department of State by Pennsylvania's notary public law, the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts. The Division works on behalf of the Secretary of the Commonwealth to appoint, commission and regulate all notaries public in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For over 200 years, notaries public have been officially recognized by the Commonwealth, with the power to administer oaths and affirmations, take acknowledgments, take verifications on oath or affirmation, witness or attest signatures, certify copies or depositions, and note protests of negotiable instruments. Notaries public in Pennsylvania perform acknowledgments, certifications and verifications for hundreds of thousands of important documents each year. More than 85,000 men and women hold notary public commissions in Pennsylvania.