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Welcome back to Simply Stated

September 06, 2022 12:00 PM
By: Staff

​The Pennsylvania Department of State has revived "Simply Stated," the department's official blog.

We're back to post pertinent information so you can be proactive in your approach to voting and elections, and you can learn about all the department does for the commonwealth and its citizens. (Spoiler alert: The Department does a lot of different things. And it can be overwhelming to understand.)

Simply Stated is a reliable source of information that cuts through the bureaucratic jargon so you can better understand what we do – and get the straight facts about voting and elections in Pennsylvania.

Is a mail ballot secure? (It is.)

Why do election results take longer than one night to count? (No pre-canvassing is a major factor.)

Who needs a professional license and how do you apply for one? (So many professionals for so many reasons.)

What is the State Athletic Commission? (Boxing, MMA and wrestling, oh my!)

We'll address these topics (and more) so they're easy for you to understand. We'll state it simply.

Have an idea for a post? Want us to give you the lowdown on whether something you've heard related to elections is myth or fact? Send an email to or contact the Department of State on Facebook or Twitter.

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