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Naloxone Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Naloxone Prescription for Overdose Prevention (Standing Order DOH-002-2016) (PDF)
Naloxone for Opioid Safety - A Provider's Guide to Prescribing to Patients Who Use Opioids (PDF)
Naloxone Standing Order Prescription Letter for Pharmacists (PDF)
Department of Health Survey - 2012 Pulse of Pennsylvania Physician and Physician Assistant Workforce (PDF)
Pennsylvania Health Alert Network (PDF)
PENNDOT Physician Reporting Requirements
Credentials Verification Fact Sheet (PDF)​​​
X-Ray Equipment Operator Refresher Training Requirement (PDF).
VA Hospitals - License Verifications (PDF)
Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner - Death Certificates
Number of Physician Assistants Supervised by Physician (PDF)
Acceptance of Federation Credentials Verification Service (PDF)
Supervising Physician and Written Agreement Change Form Updates (PDF)
Written Agreement Insurance Requirement (PDF)
National Transportation Safety Board - Safety Recommendations I-41-1 and -2 (PDF)
Notice - Act 6 of 2018 Expungement Provisions (PDF)