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Pennsylvania's Election Stats

A high-level overview of Pennsylvania election statistics is showcased below. You’ll find a snapshot of information related to turnout, vote history, and ballot breakouts for prior elections.

4,216,030 - Ballots Cast In-Person on Election Day

Number of in-person ballots cast on November 3 for 2020 general election as reported by counties.

2,637,065 - Mail and Absentee Ballots Cast and Counted for the Election

Number of mail and absentee ballots cast and counted for 2020 general election as reported by counties, including military and overseas civilian ballots. 

126,573 - Provisional Ballots Cast for the Election, with Disposition

Provisional ballots cast for the 2020 general election, as reported by counties. This figure includes those counted (97,982), partially counted (7,474) and rejected (21,117).

Pie Chart showing Rejected: 21,117, Partially counted: 7,474; counted: 97,982

9,090,962 - Certified Voter Registration

The certified voter registration is the population of voters as certified by county election officials for the 2020 general election.

76.5% - 2020 General Election Voter Turnout

Based on certified voter registration for the 2020 general election.