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Certificates expire June 30 of every odd-numbered year.  The board emails renewal notices 30-45 days prior to the expiration date.  Notices are emailed to the most recent email address the certificate-holder has reported to the Board.  The Postal Service does not forward licenses. Make sure that your mailing address is correct on your PALS account to avoid delays in receiving your updated license.

2021 Renewal Fees: 

Certified Residential Appraiser:  $305.00

Certified General Appraiser:  $305.00

Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator:  $225.00

Certified Broker Appraiser:  $225.00

Licensed Appraiser Trainee:  $150.00

AMC:  $1,000.00

If your license is expired, you must contact the Board Office to request a reactivation application.  You may contact the Board Office by phone (717-783-4866) or email (  Please provide your license number and full name as it appears on your license when calling or emailing the Board office. If you do not know your license number, you can search for your personal license at

3/31/2021-Helpful Suggestions on How to Renew your Pennsylvania CREA and AMC license:

For Licensees:

For AMC's: 


You must complete 28 hours of Continuing Education by an approved provider.  The provider list can be found below.  Maintain proof of your Continuing Education hours, as you will be asked to upload your Certificates directly to your online renewal application.

Of the required 28 hours of Continuing Education, each licensee must complete at least 2 hours on the Pennsylvania Act and Regulations of the Pennsylvania Board.  A listing of approved course providers can be found below.

Also, of the required 28 hours of Continuing Education, each licensee must complete the 7-hour National USPAP Update Course, or an equivalent 7-hour course approved by the AQB.  A listing of approved course providers can be found below.

Approved USPAP 7-hour Provider Course List April 2021 (PDF)

For further information regarding the continuing education requirement, certified real estate appraisers and licensed appraiser trainees should refer to the Board regulations at 49 Pa. Code § 36.41 as well as Section III, F of The Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria.  Certified Pennsylvania Evaluators should refer to 49 Pa.Code § 36.261 of the Board regulations. 

If you received your license from January 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021, you are exempt from the Continuing Education requirements for the upcoming renewal.  When you are completing your renewal application online, you will answer 'NO' to having completed the required 28 hours of Continuing Education, and 'YES' to being exempt.


A renewal reminder notice will be emailed to you 30-45 days prior to the expiration date.  At that time, you can log into your PALS account and renew your license.  Instructions will be given in the 'renewal reminder notice'.