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Running for office

State-level Offices Eligible for Election in 2016
-President of the United States
-United States Senator
-Attorney General
-Auditor General
-State Treasurer
-Representative in Congress
-Senator in the General Assembly
  (Odd numbered districts)
-Representative in the General Assembly
-Delegate to Democratic National Convention
-Delegate to Republican National Convention
-Alternate Delegate to Democratic National Convention
-Alternate Delegate to Republican National Convention
2016 Election Day Dates
Special Elections Information

General Primary: Tuesday, April 26, 2016
General Election: Tuesday, November 8, 2016  
Please view 2016 Pennsylvania Elections Important Dates for a full listing of 2016 election dates.
Independent and Third Party Candidates
 NOTE: The forms on this page may not be used for the Democratic or Republican primaries.
The signature requirements have been updated as a result of a federal district court order that established new signature requirements for nomination papers filed by statewide candidates from the Constitution Party, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party.  See Order, Constitution Party v. Cortés, No. 12-2726, Doc. No. 97 (E.D. Pa. June 30, 2016).  Because having different nomination requirements for different political bodies raises equal protection concerns under both the Federal and State Constitutions, and because other political bodies would likely be able to obtain relief similar to that already afforded to the Constitution Party plaintiffs, the Secretary of the Commonwealth has decided to apply the new signature requirements to all nomination papers submitted by statewide political body candidates. However, notwithstanding the decision of the Secretary of the Commonwealth to apply the lower signature requirement to all nomination papers for all political bodies for statewide candidates, it remains possible that individual qualified electors may file objections to nomination papers in court on the basis that the federal court order does not expressly apply to statewide political body candidates other than the three political bodies who brought the litigation.  In the event that objections to a nomination paper were filed by a qualified elector, the court would determine on its own authority whether to enforce the signature requirement imposed by section 951(b).
All 2016 independent and third party candidates who file with the Department of State can download the nomination paper forms, candidate affidavit, Statement of Financial Interests and nomination paper instructions on this page. Please see the eligible 2016 state-level offices below for a listing of offices on the ballot.  
-President of the United States (and running mate)
-United States Senator
-Attorney General
-Auditor General
-State Treasurer
-Representative in Congress
-Senator in the General Assembly
  (Odd numbered districts)
-Representative in the General Assembly

Downloading Nomination Paper Forms and Instructions
 NOTE: These forms may not be used for the Democratic or Republican primaries.
Please read all instructions carefully and use the checklist below to confirm that you have everything you need prior to filing.
-  A nomination paper containing no less than the required number of signatures of qualified, registered electors.
                o   The preamble on each nomination paper page must contain the names and addresses of
                    the candidates. (This section must be completed prior to circulating.)
                o   Each nomination paper page must contain the names of at least three and no more than
                    five members of the Committee to Fill Vacancies.  (This section must be completed prior
                    to circulating.) 
                o   The signers on each nomination paper page must be registered to vote in Pennsylvania 
                    and they must be residents of the districts identified in the Candidate Information section.
                o   The circulator must complete and sign the Statement of Circulator on each page AFTER
                    the signatures of registered voters are collected.
     -  A candidate affidavit for each candidate listed in the nomination paper.
     -  A copy of a completed Statement of Financial Interests for each candidate running for Attorney
       General, Auditor General, State Treasurer, Senator in the General Assembly, or Representative
       in the General Assembly. (The original copy of the Statement of Financial Interests must be filed
       in the Office of the State Ethics Commission by the filing deadline.)    
-  A certified check or money order in the correct filing fee amount for each candidate listed in the nomination paper. (Candidates who are unable to pay the filing fee can submit in lieu of the filing fee a signed Statement of Inability to Pay Filing Fee form.)
     -  If you download the nomination paper forms from this page, please make sure that you print the
       signature pages as two-sided (duplex) pages on 8 ½ x 14 inch paper. You may also request a
       packet of nomination paper forms and instructions in person or through the mail. 
     -  Please remember to number your pages.
     -  If you have any questions, you can contact the Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation
       toll free at 1-877-868-3772.  
2016 PB Nomination Paper Instructions 071316 PostCase2.pdf