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The Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations administers the state's charitable solicitation law. It also maintains registration and financial information on over 11,000 charities soliciting in the Commonwealth, as well as more than 400 professional solicitors and fundraising counsels.
Extension requests are no longer required for charitable organizations. This does not apply to Institutions of Purely Public Charity.
Renewal reminders are no longer mailed to charitable organizations, professional fundraising counsel and professional solicitors. The renewal due date is indicated on the certificate of registration sent to the organization upon the approval of a filing. For charitable organizations, the renewal due date is listed on the certificate as the Expiration Date & Automatic Extension.

Charity Registration Renewal Reminder:

​2014 Fiscal Year End

Renewal Due Date**

​November 30 October 15, 2015
December 31 November 15, 2015*
2015 Fiscal Year End Renewal Due Date
January 31 December 15, 2015
​February 28

January 15, 2016

​March 31 ​February 15, 2016*
April 30 ​March 15, 2016

May 31

April 15, 2016

June 30​ ​May 15, 2016*
​July 31 ​June 15, 2016
​August 31 ​July 15, 2016
​September 30 ​August 15, 2016
​October 31 ​September 15, 2016
​November 30 ​October 15, 2016*
​December 31

​November 15, 2016

​2016 Fiscal Year End Renewal Due Date
​January 31 ​December 15, 2016​
​February 28 ​January 15, 2017*
* If the renewal due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the actual due date will be the next business day.
* * Act 141 of 2014 changes the renewal date for charitable organizations from 135 days after the close of the fiscal year to the 15th day of the fifth month following the close of the fiscal year. Similarly, Act 141 permits the Department to extend the time for filing the renewal of registration to a date not to exceed the 15th day of the eleventh month following the close of the organization’s fiscal year.

Act 141 is effective on December 13, 2014. Charitable organization registration renewals due on or after December 13, 2014 will be due on the date required by the new law and as indicated in the chart above. Act 141 does not apply to the renewal dates for Institutions of Purely Public Charity (IPPs), professional solicitors or professional fundraising counsel.