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3rd Party Nomination Paperwork


"Things you Will Need" Checklist

  •  Please download a copy of the nomination paper filing instructions here (PDF).
  •  You must file with your nomination paper a completed an notarized Candidate's Affidavit. You may download it here (PDF).
  •  You must file nomination paper page(s) with the required number of signatures for the office you are seeking. You may download it here (PDF).
  •  You must file a copy of you Statement of Financial Interests, if applicable (not required for Federal offices). The form may be located here.
    •  The original copy of your Statement of Financial Interests must be filed with the State Ethics Commission on or before the nomination paper filing deadline.
  •  You must submit with you nomination paper a certified check or money order in the appropriate amount payable to the 'Commonwealth of Pennsylvania' (personal checks cannot be accepted).

Please note:

  •  Papers muster be printed 2-sided on 8 1/2 x 14" paper, head to head
  •  Paper pages that are not printed 2-sided will not be accepted
  •  Signatures can be gathered only during the nomination paper circulation and filing period
  •  Signatures that are dated before the first day to circulate or after the last day to circulate will not be counted


Statewide and State Level Office for Election in 2018 

  •  U.S. Senate
  •  Governor
  •  Lt. Governor
  •  **Representative in Congress
  •  Senator in the General Assembly
  •  Representative in the General Assembly



Signature Requirements

  •  U.S. Senate - 5,000 signatures
  •  Governor - 5,000 signatures
  •  Lt. Governor - 2,500 signatures
  •  Representative in Congress - view district breakdowns here (PDF)
  •  Senator in the General Assembly - view district breakdowns here (PDF)
  •  Representative in the General Assembly - view district breakdowns here (PDF) 




If you have any questions, please email or call 1-877-868-3772, option 5.