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The purpose of the Real Estate Commission Licensing Guide is to provide transparency, inform applicants of expected timelines for receiving your license, and outline steps you can take to reduce mistakes and mitigate delays. To provide the greatest clarity on the licensing process from start to finish, we will break it down into three phases, providing estimated times for each stage of the process, and recommendations for how to reduce processing times.

Real Estate Salesperson License

A Real Estate Salesperson is a person employed by a licensed real estate broker to perform any of the following duties:

  • to perform comparative market analyses
  • to list for sale, to sell or offer for sale, to buy or offer to buy or to negotiate the purchase or sale or exchange of real estate
  • to negotiate a loan on real estate
  • to lease or rent or offer to lease, rent or place for rent any real estate
  • to collect or offer or attempt to collect rent for the use of real estate for or in behalf of such real estate broker.

Salesperson Standard Method

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Salesperson Reciprocal Method

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Real Estate Broker

A Real Estate Broker is an individual or entity holding either a standard or reciprocal license, that, for another and for a fee, commission or other valuable consideration, does one or more of the following: 

  1. Negotiates with or aids a person in locating or obtaining for purchase, lease or acquisition of interest in real estate. 
  2. Negotiates the listing, sale, purchase, exchange, lease, time share and similarly designated interests, financing or option for real estate.
  3. Manages real estate. 
  4. Represents himself or itself as a real estate consultant, counsellor or house finder. 
  5. Undertakes to promote the sale, exchange, purchase or rental of real estate. This subparagraph does not apply to an individual or entity whose main business is that of advertising, promotion or public relations. 
  6. Undertakes to perform a comparative market analysis. 
  7. Attempts to perform one of the actions listed in subparagraphs (i)—(vi).

Broker Standard Method 

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Broker Reciprocal Method

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Process Overview

How to Apply for a Professional License.


What Happens to My Application?



  1. Sign in or create account at

  2. Once you are logged in, scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and click on "Apply for New License," then select "Real Estate Commission" and "Real Estate Salesperson – Reciprocal" OR “Real Estate Salesperson – Standard.”

  3. Answer the survey questions and click on "Next" to open the application. 

  4. Complete the application, upload the required documents, and click on "Send to Broker." You do not need to click "Save" prior to clicking "Send to Broker", but if you wish to save the application and continue it at a later time, you must click "Save" before exiting out of the application.

  5. Once you click "Send to Broker," your prospective employing broker will be notified to log onto the PALS account associated with the broker office license.  Your application will be in the "My Queue" section of their dashboard, at the bottom.  The broker of record will review and approve your application, certifying that they are willing to hire, train, and supervise you as required by the Law and Regulations.

  6. Once the employing broker has approved your application, log back in to your PALS account, scroll to the bottom and locate your “My Queue” section.

    • Click on “Review” to re-open the application and complete the legal questions. 
    • Click on “Submit” and then review the application before clicking on “Add to Cart.”
    • You will now pay for the application and submit it to the Commission.  At this point, the processing time as referenced in this Guide will begin. 

To upload additional documents to your application, you must return to your dashboard, then locate the application in the “Activities” section. 

  • Click on the blue “plus” sign next to the application reference number and then click the checklist item that you wish to upload a document to.  The system will not show that a document has been uploaded, however, if you get a “check mark” after the upload process, it was uploaded successfully.

Please be aware that the status of checklist items will not change until your application is reviewed by a reviewing officer under the timeframe provided.  If there are documents missing or information that needs to be corrected, you will receive an e-mail at your registered e-mail address with details on how to resolve the missing or incorrect information. 
Once your license has been issued, you will see it immediately under the Professional License Details banner of your dashboard.  You will receive the license at your broker’s main office in 7-10 business days after date of issue.

Start the application process at PALS

PALS Help Center

Real Estate Commission Law and Regulations

To register for the exams go to Pearson Vue.

To locate an approved Real Estate Education Provider:

  • Go to:,  
  • click on “Facility Search” and then select the Board/Commission as “Real Estate Commission” and license type as “Real Estate Education Provider”. 
  • There are three subtypes in the drop-down menu, the RE type is for in-state schools, the RU type is for out-of-state schools, and the RUC type is for accredited colleges/universities. 
  • You must contact each school individually to determine if they offer courses that would suit your needs.



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Phone: 1-833-DOS-BPOA                      (1-833-367-2762)