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Board Member List 

Professional Members:

Frankil, Robert B. RPH (Vice Chairman)
10/14/14 - 10/14/20 USQ for Six Months
1st Term 
Independent Pharmacist Seat
Hart, R.Ph., Janet Getzey (Secretary)
6/8/20 - 6/8/26 USQ for Six Months
2nd Term
Retail Chain Seat
Roussel, Christine
6/8/20 - 3/23/24 USQ for Six Months
1st Term 
Acute Care Institution Seat
Slagle, R.Ph. John R.
6/23/20 - 6/23/26 USQ for Six Months
1st Term 
Independent Pharmacist Seat
Talbott, R.Ph., Theresa M. (Chairperson)
5/23/18 - 5/23/24 USQ for Six Months
2nd Term
Retail Chain Seat

Public Members:

Vacant, Position Open

Vacant, Position Open


Greene, Esq., Patrick M. (Consumer Protection Rep)
Office of Attorney General

Johnson, K, Kalonji (Commissioner of the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs)

USQ=Until Successor Qualifies 
QUORUM REQUIREMENTS - Majority of members. 
5 Pharmacists 
2 Independent 
2 Retail Chain 
1 Acute Care Institution 
2 Public Members 
1 Consumer Protection 
1 Commissioner


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