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​Board Member List

Bulger, D.O., MBA John
3/14/16 - 3/14/20 USQ for Six Months
1st Term
Grey, B.A., R.R.T. Bette, A.
10/23/19 - 10/23/23 USQ for Six Months
1st Term
Levine, Rachel, Physician General
Secretary of Health Representative
Department of Health
Litman, D.O., Randy G. (Chairman)
4/25/17 - 4/25/21 USQ for Six Months
1st Term
Mark, D.O., Burtan(Secretary)
3/14/16 - 3/14/20 USQ for Six Months
1st Term

Poggi, D.O., Christopher
3/20/18 - 3/20/22 USQ for Six Months
2nd Term 

Swallow, D.O., William (Vice Chairman)
5/10/16 - 5/10/20 USQ for Six Months
1st Term 

Tursi, D.O., Frank
01/22/18 - 01/22/22 USQ for Six Months
2nd Term 
USQ=Until Successor Qualifies 

QUORUM REQUIREMENTS - Majority of members. 

6 Osteopaths 
2 Public Members 
1 Respiratory Care Practitioner, Certified Athletic Trainer or Physician Assistant 
1 Secretary of Health Representative 
1 Commissioner