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Consumer Information 

Licensure Inquiries for Consumers:

Be aware that certain professionals must be licensed to practice in the Commonwealth.  Make sure the professionals who serve you are licensed and in good standing.  Please visit to verify a license.

Board Member Information: 

The State Board of Nursing consists of thirteen members.  These are the Commissioner of Professional and Occupational Affairs; three members representing the public at large; six registered nurses, at least three of whom shall possess Masters' degrees in nursing; two licensed practical nurses and one licensed dietitian-nutritionist.  Nurse members are required to have been engaged in nursing in this Commonwealth for the five-year period immediately preceding appointment.  In making appointments to the Board, the Governor is required to give due consideration to providing representation from diversified fields of nursing, including, but not limited to, specialized nurses of all types.  All members are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of a majority of the members elected to the Senate.