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*NEW* -  CHIP Provider Enrollment Claim Denial Alert (PDF)

*NEW* -  ACT 6 of 2018 Expungement Provisions (PDF)

*NEW*Prescription of Suboxone by CRNPs (PDF)

*NEW*DEA Renewal Change

*NEW*New Regulation:  General Revisions (PDF)

*NEW*Reporting of Crimes and Disciplinary Actions (PDF)

ACT 6 of 2018 - Mandatory Reporting by Licensees (PDF)

ACT 124 of 2016 - Opioid Education

ACT 31 of 2014 - Child Abuse Education

Act 31 of 2014 – Initial Training and Continuing Education in Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Requirements (PDF)
Board-Approved Act 31 of 2014 Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Continuing Education Providers
Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Exemption Form (PDF)

Pennsylvania's New Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDF)
Fentanyl Safety Recommendations (PDF)
Naloxone Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Naloxone Prescription for Overdose Prevention (Standing Order DOH-002-2016) (PDF)
Naloxone for Opioid Safety - A Provider's Guide to Prescribing to Patients Who Use Opioids (PDF)
Naloxone Standing Order Prescription Letter for Pharmacists (PDF)
Health Care Practitioner Photo Identification Badge Requirement (PDF)
LPN Display Portion of License Retained by Employer (PDF)
Fireproof Files (PDF)
NURSYS and e-Notify Service (PDF)
Out-of-State PN Graduates with Less Than 1500 Program Clock Hours (PDF)
The Vital Statistics Law has been amended to include CRNPs
LPN IV Therapy Regulations - Final (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions Related to LPN IV Therapy Regulations (PDF)
IV Therapy Program Provider List (PDF)
CRNP and CNS - Clarification Regarding Professional Liability Insurance (PDF)
Notice to Employers (PDF) 
RN Accepting Orders From Other Practitioners (PDF) 
Home Health Care Services Ordered by Out-of-State Physicians (PDF) 
LPNs Accepting Oral Orders (PDF)
National Transportation Safety Board - Safety Recommendations I-41-1 and -2 (PDF)