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Navigation Commission for the Delaware River and its Navigable Tributaries

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UPDATED 09/30/2021 (ORIGINALLY POSTED: 05/17/2021) - With the Governor's signing of HB 1861 (now Act 73 of 2021), licensing waivers that had been set to expire September 30 will remain active until March 31, 2022, unless action is taken to end them sooner. We will provide additional updates as needed.

The Navigation Commission for the Delaware River and Its Navigable Tributaries shall have full power and authority to grant licenses to pilots and regulate the services they provide.  Not only does the Commission have the power to promulgate regulations, but it also has the authority to impose penalties on licensees who do not follow the Navigation Act and the Commission's regulations.  Finally, the Commission establishes regulations governing the application, qualifications, recruitment, selection and training of apprentices.