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​Board Member List

Klavon, Dina, RLA (Secretary)
3/27/17 - 3/27/20 USQ for Six Months
1st Term
Morgan, David B., RLA (Chairman)
4/19/17 - 4/19/20 USQ for Six Months
2nd Term
Rak, Edward J. (Public Member)
3/14/16 - 3/14/19 USQ for Six Months
6th Term
Rauso, Richard P. RLA, ASLA
2/5/18 - 2/5/21 USQ for Six Months
2nd Term

Mauser, Brett. (Consumer Protection)
Office of Attorney General 

West, Patrick A.
01/22/18 - 01/22/21 USQ for Six Months 
2nd Term
Vacant, (Public Member)
Vacant, (Nurseryman)
Vacant, (Landscape Architect)

Vacant, (Landscape Architect) 

USQ=Until Successor Qualifies  

QUORUM REQUIREMENTS - Five members of the board. 
4 Landscape Architects 
1 Landscape Nurseryman 
2 Public Members 
1 Consumer Protection 
1 Commissioner