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Guidance Regarding the Use of Disinfectant Spray in Funeral Homes

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) consulted with the Pennsylvania Department of State and the State Board of Funeral Directors and received the following guidance regarding the use of disinfectant spray (Dis Spray):

  • The use of disinfectant sprays such as "Dis Spray" and "Sani Spray" are used for human body preparations. If those are not available to disinfect surfaces and the like, funeral directors may mix water with bleach or another disinfectant in a spray bottle, if needed, to disinfect things like doorknobs, prep areas, tables, body removal equipment, cots, and so forth. (Bleach and formaldehyde should not be mixed, nor should bleach be used in or around the embalming of human bodies.) 
  • "Dis Spray" and "Sani-Spray" are available through The Dodge Co. or the PierceWilbert Co. These vendors also have gloves available.

PPE such as masks, aprons or gowns, and shoe and head coverings are not available, although efforts are being made to try and get these supplies back in stock. Body bags are currently available but are in short supply.  

Contact information for vendors is as follows:

  • Dodge Co. – Matt Black (717)-309-9983
  • Pierce-Wilbert Co – Mike Kuric (412)-855-0482

Additionally, PEMA, PA DOH, and key stakeholders and industry partners worked together to revise the state's mass fatality plan to address the concern regarding refrigeration storage availability.  Copies of this plan have been sent to each county emergency management agency for inclusion in their county-level planning.  We encourage funeral directors across the Commonwealth to work together with their county-level emergency management officials and coroner or medical examiner to understand how the mass fatality plan may be implemented within their county.  The Commonwealth has identified options for obtaining portable morgue space which can be moved to an affected county or counties, should the need occur.  Portable morgue space can be obtained via a resource request submitted to PEMA by the county EMA.