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Computer Based Testing is now available:  Candidates applying for the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination(FE) may register directly with NCEES without pre-approval if candidates have graduated from an ABET accredited engineering program or who have completed two years of an ABET accredited engineering program. 
Candidates applying for the Fundamentals of Land Surveying, Principles and Practices of Land Surveying or the PA State Specific Land Surveying examination will apply to the State Board for approval ( ) before registering with NCEES for the examination. 
Application deadlines for submitting a completed NCEES Principles & Practices (PE) Examination Application to include ALL supporting documentation: 

NCEES Registration for the Fall 2021 Paper and Pencil Exams opens June 14, 2021 and will close on August 26, 2021 at 3:00 pm Eastern.

There is no deadline for submitting an application to the Board; all applications will be processed. However, submissions after July 1st cannot be guaranteed to complete the application processed in time for registration for the fall exam.

Your application is not considered complete until every required document and form has been received by the application deadline. 
Principles/Practices of Engineering (PE) Examination dates are established by NCEES:  
PE, PS, SE Vertical
SE Lateral
Apr 15, Oct 28
Apr 16, Oct 29
Apr 21, Oct 27
Apr 22, Oct 28
Apr 13, Oct 26
Apr 14, Oct 27
Apr 5, Oct 25
Apr 6, Oct 26
Apr 17, Oct 23
Apr 18, Oct 24
Apr 23, Oct 21
Apr 24, Oct 22
Apr 22, Oct 21
Apr 23, Oct 22
Apr 14, Oct 27
Apr 15, Oct 28
Apr 12, Oct 25
Apr 13, Oct 26
Apr 11, Oct 25
Apr 12, Oct 26
ABET Accredited Engineering Programs may be viewed at
PLEASE NOTE: It is an applicant's responsibility to ensure they have reviewed the Engineer, Land Surveyor and Geologist Registration law to determine if they may have met the minimum requirements to qualify for approval to sit for an examination, prior to submitting an application.
All examination candidates must be approved to sit for the NCEES Principles/Practices of Engineering (PE) examination, NCEES fundamentals of Surveying examination (FS), NCEES Principles/Practices of Land Surveying (PS) examination and the Pennsylvania State Specific Land Surveying examination (PLS) prior to registering, scheduling and submitting payment for an examination.
For Repeat candidates, contact the board office to determine the registration and scheduling deadlines that must be met.
Additional information regarding NCEES examinations may be found at Pearson Vue
Application, Examination and/or Scheduling Fees are not refundable OR transferable.