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 Notices are emailed to the most recent email address the licensee has reported to the Board.  The Postal Service does not forward licenses.


Licenses that Expire on January 31st of Odd-Numbered Years

Cosmetology Salon ​$129.00
Esthetician ​$82.00
Natural Hair Braider ​$82.00
​Nail Technology Salon ​$114.00
Esthetician Salon ​$114.00
Natural Hair Braiding Salon ​$114.00


Licenses that Expire on January 31st of Even-Numbered Years

​Nail Technician ​$82.00
​Cosmetology Teacher
​Esthetician Teacher
​Nail Technology Teacher
​Natural Hair Braider Teacher
​Cosmetology School

Cosmetologist licenses will have an expiration date of January 31st of either an odd-numbered or an even-numbered year.  Please check your license to verify the year that your license expires.