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Board Member List 

Professional Members:

Ausherman, John
4/9/19 - 4/9/23 USQ for Six Months
1st Term
Matthews, David
6/8/20 - 6/8/24 USQ for Six Months
1st Term
Pasquarella, Joseph (Chairman)
3/18/19 - 3/18/2023 USQ for Six Months
1st Term

Smeltzer Sr., Mark V. (Secretary)
10/23/19 - 10/23/23 USQ for Six Months
1st Term  

Stoerrle., William T.
11/16/20 - 11/16/24 USQ for Six Months
1st Term  

Walters, Jeffrey L. (Vice Chairman)
3/20/18 - 3/20/22 USQ for Six Months
2nd Term
Public Members:

Vacant, Position Open

Vacant, Position Open


Brown, Martha H.
(Secretary of the Commonwealth's Designee)  
Office of Chief Counsel

Hoffman, Merna (Consumer Protection)
Office of Attorney General  

Wentzel, Paul
(Secretary of Banking and Securities Designee)
Department of Banking and Securities

USQ=Until Successor Qualifies 

QUORUM REQUIREMENTS - Majority of members 
6 Certified Real Estate Appraisers 
2 Public Members 
1 Secretary of the Commonwealth or Designee
1 Secretary of Banking or Designee
1 Consumer Protection Representative