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Following the effective date of the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA) on October 26, 2017:


All applicants for appointment and commission who do not hold a current and unexpired notary public commission at the time the application is received by the Department of State must pass an examination administered by the Department’s examination vendor, Pearson VUE.

This includes applicants who have never held notary commissions and all applicants who previously held notary commissions but whose commissions have lapsed or expired at the time their application for reappointment is received by the Department, even just for one day. The examination is based on the basic education course of study, which must cover the statutes, regulations, procedures and ethics relevant to notarial acts, with a core curriculum including the duties and responsibilities of the office of notary public and electronic notarization.

After the Department’s review and approval of their notary application, applicants who are required to take the examination will be provided with information via email on Pearson VUE’s testing procedures and sites. The examination will be a computer-based test offered at Pearson VUE test centers in nearly all Pennsylvania counties. The cost of the examination is $65 per test. Notary applicants have six months from the time they are authorized to sit for the examination to successfully pass the test. They may take it as many times as needed within the six-month period. Examination results will be electronically reported to the Department by Pearson VUE. Applicants successfully completing the examination will be appointed as notaries public by the Department. Applicants who are unable to pass the examination within six months will be required to retake the basic education course and reapply for appointment and commission to the Department.