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Electronic Notarization

The Electronic Notarization Initiative was established on January 30, 2006, to enhance economic development in Pennsylvania, and was the first of its kind in the nation. e-Notarization allows qualified Pennsylvania notaries public to perform notarizations electronically, in compliance with provisions of the amended Notary Public Law and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

The Department of State has taken new steps to make e-Notarization more accessible to Pennsylvania’s approximately 80,000 notaries public:

1. Starting January 30, 2008, the Department will begin the transition to a multi-vendor system, to increase the opportunities and choices for Pennsylvania notaries to electronically notarize electronic documents.

2. The Department will eliminate the $40.00 fee for electronic notarization applications submitted and received after January 30, 2008. 

There has never been a better time for notaries public to begin using this secure, effective system.

Please note that all other electronic notarization application requirements remain the same. (See link below to Eight Steps to Becoming an Electronic Notary in Pennsylvania.)

Use the links below to learn more about the Electronic Notarization Initiative.

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