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The Pennsylvania Department of State has been made aware of a Fraudulent Registration Certificate (PDF) displayed on the website of an organization calling itself “Lutheran Grants” ( This organization is displaying a bogus copy of a Pennsylvania Certificate of Registration on its website, indicating that Lutheran Grants is registered as a charitable organization in Pennsylvania, with certificate number 13209. That certificate number belongs to a different registered charity. Lutheran Grants is NOT a registered charitable organization in the Commonwealth under the Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act. 

This is a SCAM. The certificate purporting to be issued by the Pennsylvania Department of State IS NOT AUTHENTIC.  The organization is NOT registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State as a business or a charitable organization and is not based in Pennsylvania. This entity purports to be “issuing grants.”  In order to receive a “grant,” the individual or company is asked to supply confidential banking and personal information. The Department cautions consumers that this appears to be a scam. Additionally, there is no evidence indicating that this entity is linked with any legitimate Lutheran Church organization.