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Running for office

       “Things You Will Need” Checklist for filing Nomination Papers 
                1.      A Completed and Notarized Candidate’s Affidavit 
                2.      A Nomination Paper with the required number of signatures 
                3.      A copy of your Statement of Financial Interests. The original must be filed in the office of    
                      the State Ethics Commission by the deadline to file nomination papers. 
                4.    A Cashier’s Check or Money Order payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
           PLEASE NOTE:
  • Nomination Papers must be printed 2-sided on 8 ½ x 14” paper, head to head
  • Each nomination paper page must be notarized after signatures are gathered
  • Remember to click on the link entitled Statement of Financial Interests to obtain the

                Statement of Financial Interests form.

          The deadline to file nomination papers is August 1, 2017.
State-level Offices Eligible for Election in 2017
-  Justice of the Supreme Court
-  Judge of the Superior Court
-  Judge of the Commonwealth Court
-  Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
-  Judge of the Municipal Court (Philadelphia)
If you have any questions, please email
or call 717-787-5280.