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Variance Notice
At its meeting on November 7, 2016 the State Board of Cosmetology voted to table all variance requests until its next scheduled meeting on January 9, 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience. Any updates relating to this situation will be posted to Board’s website.


Criminal History Record Check Information (PDF)



All salons must apply for licensure by filing the correct application with the State Board of Cosmetology.  All salons must be inspected prior to operating per the Board’s Regulations 49 Pa. Code at § 7.51 (b).
When applying for licensure of any salon, the salon CANNOT be open/operating prior to inspection. Inspection will be scheduled after successful review of a completed application. We will NOT schedule an inspection until all discrepancies are resolved.
If relocating a salon, you must complete and file application 45-CB100 (pdf) with the Board Office. Your new salon location cannot be open prior to inspection, however, you may continue to operate at your existing salon location until inspection of the new salon location.
If changing ownership of a salon, you must complete and file application 45-CB100 (pdf)with the Board Office. The new owner cannot open or operate the salon until inspection. The previous owner MUST return the salon license at the time of inspection.
If making changes to the salon license information [Examples:  change of trade name, adding a partner, deleting a partner, making 911 or post office address changes, incorporating or un-incorporating OR adding or deleting space to an existing licensed salon], you must complete and file application 45-CB200  (pdf).  The salon may continue to operate while the Board makes the required changes to the salon license.  A new license, reflecting the informational changes, will be issued to the salon at the conclusion of the application process.